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  1. I did think that was odd, Thank you so much, your suggested fix of setting blood moon frequency worked
  2. Hi, Me and my friends have been playing on my hosted dedicated server. we got the blood moon on day 7 which featured Thunder followed by a wave of zombies and a very visible red moon. However today we played day 14 and nothing happened. and i mean nothing, there was no thunder, no red moon and no zombies spawned :( We tried logging out at around midnight on day 14 too, no luck I have attached the logs for both client and server for Day 14 -> 15 Please can you tell us why this happened, i am worried that the game is broken and there will be no more horde nights. Server Info: Hosting Provider : Nitrado Game Version : A18.4(b4) Player slots: 4 Thanks server_output_log__2020-06-11__20-34-46.txt server_output_log__2020-06-11__21-56-24.txt client_ output_log__2020-06-11__20-37-06.txt client_output_log__2020-06-11__21-56-49.txt
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