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  1. Following those steps to delete the .ttp and .ttp.bak file to recreate the particular profile, then modifying the xp gains to get the levels back in conjunction with the creative menu to get my things back works, although it is a bit of a hassle that I hope to not have to go through again.
  2. Where are those located on the server? Would it be only in the .local directory? And does each player have their own file? I think I found them actually... Will delete the .ttp and .ttp.bak for that profile
  3. I edited the original post to supply the server and client logs. I think I got the right client logs because I see the nullreferenceexception in there. How could I throw away anything in the backpack without logging in? Is there an easy file I can edit to do this? If so, would this be located on the server somewhere or on the client end? Also regarding clicking Continue, that is a server message/prompt you can configure in the server file
  4. I'm running a dedicated 18.4 server on Linux (Ubuntu), and one of the save profiles appears to have a problem. After initializing world, and then clicking "Continue", I am getting the following error: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (see attached image) This is only happening with one player's profile in particular. I have tried validating the integrity of local files within Steam, and also just reinstalling 7 days on the client for the affected user. I restarted the server just in case as well. The steamcmd/7dtd_server/ directory (install directory) is backed up relatively regularly, but I'm just finding out that the player profiles may be saved elsewhere on the server. My questions are: 1. Is there any known way to fix this error (or is more information needed?) 2. If not, can I restore the player profile from the backups that I do have? If so, where are these stored? I checked the FAQ page but didn't quite get where it was saying the profiles are stored. I do see a saves file under .local... 3. If I cannot restore the player profile, how do I at least "reset" it? Worst case, I can modify the XP gains to have the player get back to what they are at, although I am assuming inventory will be lost. Edit: Adding logs Server log: https://pastebin.com/Z4QBHkcg Client Log: https://pastebin.com/HnWgTBjg Second Client Log (I think it created a new one on each of my attempts, which I have many, so here is another just in case): https://pastebin.com/mqNdJ6da
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