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  1. So there just as fast in water as they are walking on land? I tend to build moats or build off the coast. Offers quick access water, previously slowed down the zombies to deal with them, and I like water features.
  2. But are they as fast in the water as they are on land?
  3. Second question, are the swiming zombies in yet?
  4. Quick Question? I'm I going to have to delete my old saves again?
  5. Twas a joke. Personally I would rather have more guns and more ammo. Black-powder guns and the more modern smokeless powder guns aren't that interchangeable but it would be cool to use that to bring in more guns. Odds are that's not going to happen.
  6. Sure, bring up the Concrete thing and not the Black powder in modern guns thing.
  7. Only if you fire one shot and stand till for an hour.
  8. And that's why I pay no heed to Water Fowl. Crows and Ravens always get free fries from me though.
  9. All within the Estimated release window of the Summer of 2020.
  10. We have actual percentages. We can make models with these figures. We will have to bring 2 stacks of stew before we even think of looking at a Minibike. It's a pointless penalty for having a vehicle and excess food.
  11. I think it was Iron Gut or Slow Metabolism that controls food bar decay. However your right, it does seem to be a way to punish people for using vehicles. Imagine If you can drive over a few pot holes IRL you have enough stamina to compete in the Iron Man Triathlon in 7 DTD.
  12. Well this is a game where your already loading self loading cartridges with Black Powder and Cast Lead Projectiles, AKM's that fire 7.62 NATO, And meth lab Gasoline. It's simply magical that none of the AK-47's you can craft have yet to explode on their first round due to improper head spacing. Lets not forget that the Mold on Moldy bread is the just the right mold to make Penicillin on a campfire. How late in the game do you need to be to have that first one happen?
  13. Honestly don't see the Appeal in fleeing in the first place. It's Free XP, and in some cases, free loot.
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