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  1. I hear what you are saying. Perhaps having multiple AI "brains" is too computationally expensive to accomplish our goal of breaking up the horde dynamic. Is there another angle? I think so. Joel was mentioning that he wanted to take out the irradiated zombies completely once the team figures out a universal design concept to tie them all together. He talked about zombies "buffing and resurrecting others" and even holding weapons such as a club. Perhaps we can use these "special zombies" to accomplish the same task. We already have different behaviors in the
  2. Im with the OP on this for the most part. The INT tree should allow a player to place a mount for guns. It makes much more logical sense than you finding automated turrets. While I am not as crazy about a 50 cal turret I think another type of gun device would be good. A gun mount. A place-able gun mount does not need to be overpowered, it would fire the weapon you choose to mount there. The ammo would be locked in just like with the auto turrets. The advantage you get for you being stationary is that you would go much longer without having to reload, and you would suff
  3. Up to this point Zombie AI has always been run off of one central system. Whether you are in a house looting or at your base on blood-moon the zombie AI always acts the same. The problem with one central AI is that it can be easily exploited. When you know the rules it is easy to find a way to bend/break them. And one of the two major ends of the zombie encounters suffers. Either the zombies swarm you base in Alpha 16 like hungry but dumb locusts (very good) and Swiss cheese up every POI in game (bad), or in Alpha 18 they path perfectly through POI's that they are familia
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