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  1. Thx a lot guyz, now it works (with experimental link). i'm ready for Z now let's discover your mod
  2. Thx for your answer guyz. i'm trying to download it second time (poor co :s around 2 hours). i can say something, if i delete data, mods and 7 days to die_data, i can launch and play the game (with original folders and files). i had several corrupted files on dl another mode like simpleui or sdx :s. each try of new game was on 8k random map. Thank you.
  3. Hi guyz ! Having an issue at generating world. Get a lot's of error Prefab Loading Failed. Prefab 'xvanilla_snowy_ski_lodge' does not exist. i tried to start the game with launcher cleared Game Data. (and desactivated EAC). i used le link for 18.4 client download (not eac friendly). may some one can help me to solve my problem pls ? wanna really try this mod (watched a lot's of youtube video about it). Thx very much for your work KhaineGB.
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