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  1. I Figured as much thats why i was wondering how things were going like if they have come into contact with any big hiccups that may delay the games stable release further than they themselves had anticipated
  2. Hey Im holding off on starting a new world with my friends till A19 comes to stable and i was just wondering if its coming along smoothly obviously i dont expect to get a response to the exact day but just curious if things are on track and Stable will be coming soon in the end id rather a good stable release than a rushed buggy mess so take as long as yall need just wanted to ask though
  3. Hey im just curious if i make an expirimental world right now will it carry over with the stable build or will i need to make a new world
  4. I actually got happy while reading this then i got sad
  5. Question-Will there be any new decorations we can use to make our bases all that much more cozy in light of the ongoing zombie threat
  6. I love this. Its Pretty well known i will admit not to everyone but id say more than not that the Fun pimps dont give release dates as they shouldent if they did it would make way for many issues. I think its best that they dont so that they can work on things at a rate there comfortable with and i feel like its the best way to get quality updates our way.
  7. I am with you 100% I personally feel like they have already thought of this as an idea and that its something on there mind just not something that there giving there full attention too however i am with you on the whole wanting an elevator and maybe a variety of sizes for them as well with that being said ill take what i can get as it comes
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