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  1. Wait, even for UI modlets the non host clients don't need them? Dang, I have been missing out on modding mine lately cause I didn't wanna explain to other people how to drag folders to merge.
  2. To the first part, are you using the default stone hammer they gave you fro upgrading? If so use a nail gun or a claw hammer to upgrade and it should use the forged iron properly, I ended up having to figure that out myself. Secondly, you have to get a big forge, or advanced forge to be able to use the bellows to smelt faster and crucible for steel.
  3. Huh I haven't had any issues like that, did you put water within 4 blocks of the crops blocks? gotta put a puddle in a hole in the middle of a farm like minecraft, or I have at least and I have seen all the seeds I have tried planting swap to growing, haven't grown the modded plants yet tbf.
  4. I can almost guarantee that means you missed files when installing it, delete you local files for 7dtd under its manage option, they reverify the game when done, launch to make sure it is running right and to put any ini files that may be created on first launch then close back out. Once it is done then remerge the mods folders into the base 7 days folder in steam/common/7days don't just drag dfexerimentala18 into the root folder but instead, the folders that are inside of it(7DaysToDie_Data, Data, and Mods) should be put into the game folder. Depending on PC and hard drive it will take a while near the end you should get a prompt asking to replace(i think) 167 files in total, click yes to them all, when done open 7 days to die and go to launcher, disable EAC, save and run, should be good if followed properly.
  5. Either pay a hosting site for a few slots to play on and have server up full time, or if someone has an extra PC they can run a dedicated one themselves. But again if they lose power then its RIP. And that doesn't mean server hosting is without flaws or risks like a dedicated or local(what you guys are) they just happen less often normally.
  6. Oh I manually installed it myself lol, I have dumped well over 50 hours already and that's my first error lol. I have learned to not trust launchers and mod installers. I'm assuming its a default 7 days error that can happen when trying to cheese usable stations range. Either way love the mod!
  7. Been playing the mod for a week or so now with no real issue a tall besides being wrecked every so often, but that happens. Today though I was setting up a base in the jail POI and had an error start popping up often after I tried to put a workbench on a shelf above me. Looked back a few pages to see if I saw any of the same errors but even after I picked up the bench that seemed to cause this it continued to pop up almost every 30 seconds. After the first one and before picking it up, using the work bench even right next to it would force this error to pop up on demand. Restarting the game seems to have fixed it, I was just wanting to point that out here just in case it can be related to anything and isn't just related to me trying to cheese room optimization and is normal game errors. "ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index"
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