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  1. I love Horde nights, that feeling not knowing what's coming, base will stand? do we survive? do I upgrade the cobblestone pillar in the back? I think you and I have very different ways to define "fun" One thing I find really quick is that playing multiplayer is a whole different game, been playing with two friends and this week tried to play solo, damn is horrible when zombies destroy my base and have to rebuild, look for ammo, food, do quests, go mining all that before new horde, I leave and deleted the solo game; i'm sticking at multiplayer only.
  2. One thing is for sure... me and my friends craft our weapons, at day 46 I get the first tier 5 tactical rifle when I made it at day 19, same for desert vulture and autoshotgun, and the thing is the autoshotgun found in the game are level 1. At A18.4 we never craft weapons, now is like mandatory... I like that, but I will remove stone weapons and tools from sealed boxes.
  3. Vultures are a pain in the @%$*#! in A19 but the real question is they are fun or not? Let me tell you what happen to me and my friends when we started A19... we spawn in Forrest but as was Nitrogen generated map we already saw the best place to build the base, so we started to walk naked near the point we saw at preview. Not far away we start getting into desert biome and those things start to attack, one of my friends die, so we wait for him there, while we wait another one appears and kill my other buddy, so there I was alone waiting for both of them, I manage to kill two vultures whi
  4. Yes I'm quoting myself, I decided to put hands at works and the game runs back at 60 FPS without resigning any quality I don't change any video setting in the game, This is what I do: First was uninstall the game, change steam directory to the nvme m.2 drive and download again, update Nvidia drivers, and OC the CPU (Ryzen 7 1700) from 3000Mhz to 3500Mhz. That's it. here some screens: https://imgur.com/ewMI1gA https://imgur.com/sRDVpXt
  5. No crashes here, playing 3 friends. But I do have terrible performance issues, used to play at 60 fps in A18 and now never can go above 43 with many times is at 30 fps.
  6. Great tool Damocles, memory usage doing 8k maps, Great Work! https://imgur.com/LVYMmtB
  7. All the guys in the same party have to change prefablist.txt? Nevermind, is in the generator files, not the game.
  8. Me and my friends start playing very recently, in A18.4 our first base was quite safe in first horde, by second one we all died, by 3rd we build wedge tip but demolishers destroy the entire base and we end up dying again, just at 4th horde we build with concrete and we didn't die. but wasn't fun so we decided not to build that again. Last weekend during Streamers release we started a new world just for the weekend, we made a corridor with few hatches in the floor and we shoot from the back, two hordes, two deaths. Demos suddenly appear in second horde and everything fall apart.
  9. There is a tool from Intel to set up the CPU at your own preferences, as turbo boost https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29183/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU- that being said, requires to know exactly what are you doing otherwise you could make your system unstable. I suggest keep looking for other opinions before touching CPU configurations. I'm Sysadmin and I have 120 PC to maintain everyday, but as no one use the computers to play games I never get into this.
  10. I'm the ones who welcome a change in food consumption, I started to play at A18.4 and I was just eating a couple cans every night, I didn't eat in the whole day, at 4 AM grab my motorcycle and come back at 22.:00 just with less than a quarter stamina bar missing, and was first time player at my 30's level. I will be fully playing tomorrow with my friends, can't give an opinion till I play the long run. I read a lot from the comments, if works like that the game will force us to hunt or grow crops, gonna be awesome.
  11. As I said to you in reddit, your Laptop should run the game quite well, one few things you should try: Always play with the laptop connected to the power, most laptops disable some cores or lower the CPU speeds while using battery Setting max performance while power on can change things Verify RAM speed in the bios and bumped a bit or lower latencies are allowed (if bios let you) This may be tricky you have to know exactly what memory modules have installed, a little search on google. Most laptop troubles comes from low CPU speeds, check if Turbo Boost is working properly.
  12. I don't know what those numbers mean or do, so i'm not touching unless someone says put "x" here and "x" there if you want 50% more, or something like that.
  13. I watch Stream 5 (recap from vedui) and there lathan, Madmole and his brother run a quest and everyone in the party was able to do the quest, reading the patch notes couldn't find anything related to this. So the questions are: do we be able to share quests? Is this gonna be implemented in A19? Someone knows how this will work? Me and my friends start playing A18.4 last month and we are waiting this change. Now with the Stone Age, iron Age, etc we be going together at first days.
  14. But there is a way to change the stat in some game file? me and my mates were looking for this (the wiki is outdated and still says that there is an option ingame). We want more zombies!!! hell we been building, mining for days and just find 3 or 4 zombies in the area... how is this possible?
  15. Last night I installed NitroGen and it is something else, I'm gonna love it in A19. Me and my friends are gonna enjoy our last weekend with A18.4 There is no Coronavirus here but is snowing since 4 days in a row.
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