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  1. I can wait for that just fine. It does give a lot of shader pipeline errors when loading as well. If there is any help you might want testing it in the future I'd be happy to help, Have several different flavors of Linux running I could test and give any help with, as I do love the mod and appreciate all you have done with it. -Cheers
  2. So I am having an issue running this on Linux. Didnt have an issue with A17 build but A18 the world will load and then either freeze at my spawn in or crash out. I managed to get the Eye of terror map to load and let me move but once i tried to open the menu it froze again. The output logs dont show anything helpful when the map does load. I get an unhandled NULL exception error sometimes but not always. This is for a local single player install. EAC is off. I can post the output Log but was wondering if you had any ideas. Im going to continue to try to get it to load on my own and will post back with any findings I have going forward as well.
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