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    38 yr old gamer. ABSOLUTELY LOVE 7 DTD! My 1st memory of gaming was when I was around 6 and father brought me a NES for my birthday! It had Super Mario BROS./Duck Hunt in the box and I remember playing it for sooooo long. My mom used to have to come into my room and make sure I was still alive cuz I'd just be lost in the game. That's when the love started and has remained throughout my life, I've even lost some significant others because of it. NON-GAMERS just don't understand our passion. I recently started making 7 Days To Die videos for YOUTUBE and would love to get the opinion of other 7 Days lovers. So please come thru and check them out!
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    MN, USA
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    GAMING, Movies, Shows, YouTube Videos, Streaming on Twitch, Family, Friends
  1. Just finished my latest video for YouTube! This one's showing the HUGE LEAP forward visually Alpha 19 took. This Alpha looks absolutely awesome and here's the proof: COMPARING ALPHA'S VIDEO Let me know what you guys think in the comments over on YouTube. Thanks in advance for any likes/dislikes and New Subscribers! Much love and ENJOY THE NEW ALPHA!
  2. So I don't mean to overhaul anything just some additions... Well... One really. So in those instances when you blow a zombies noggin off, it would be great, if the brain matter transfers to the environment in which it happened. I talk about this in my LATEST VIDEO where I wish the brains would be all over the staircase behind the zombie. Don't get this post twisted, I love this game, but thought I'd post my thoughts on the "Matter", pun intended, here. Your thoughts guys? Is this even possible with a smaller team? Anyhow, keep up the great work The Fun Pimps, and I cant wait for the next Alpha!
  3. Hey guys I'm BeatinBuzzers and I'm new here, but just as passionate about this game as you guys. I was looking up news about Alpha 19 and stumbled upon this forum and while here checking it out I realized it would be the perfect place to advertise my newest passion of making videos for YouTube. I recently started a series named: Dead Rising and Day 8 just came out yesterday! I'm trying to pump out as many as I can before Alpha 19 drops so check back often. I'm glad I found this place, sometimes it's hard to find people who love this game as much as me. Have a great day guys and gals! Beatin Buzzers' YouTube Channel Playlist for my 1st 7 Days To Die series on YouTube called: Dead Rising
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