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  1. So 2020 has pretty much been a @%$# year in terms of The dreaded CV19!!! BUT we are getting the next gen consoles in November from PlayStation and XBox!!! in the post given by the pimps they stated that they would be looking at next gen consoles to re release 7DTD! so now that we have had a date for both next gen consoles will the pimps have started making a move on re releasing the game??? Would be amazing to get a little light on this subject!!
  2. Hello Everyone my name is Josh and I am. Youtuber from South Wales UK! i have been making 7 Days To Die Content for a few years and have decided to jump on the forum and Show you some of the things I have done! MORE ON THE WAY TOO! here is a playlist of everything I have done apart from Live streams! a fair few of the vids have done really well in terms of Views! please help a fellow Survivor out with a Subscribe and by liking a few of the vids! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6sNnWNzCHz3dBcOFoMJ5oS8G8Zt23wlP
  3. My name is Josh, I’m a Youtuber who’s been uploading loads of 7DTD content for the last few years! heres a playlist of all my Content! Please help a fellow survivor out by Subscribing! ill be live tonight on our weekly Live Stream Sunday’s on 7DTD as we carry on with our horde night base! 19:30pm British Time!All of my 7 Days To Die Content! Please Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6sNnWNzCHz3dBcOFoMJ5oS8G8Zt23wlP
  4. Check out my YouTube Playlist of every 7 Days to Die Content! Very popular videos with over 180,000 views just on one Video! 

    7 Days To Die Content

  5. So as we all know the current Console version of 7DTD is discontinued... due to reasons we all know.... So with only a few small months until the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox makes an appearance on shelves around the world, one question is on our minds!!! Will 7 Days To Die be released on the new consoles??? with a severely updated Alpha??? Possibly bringing us Console Lovers up to speed???
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