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  1. Ah good stuff. I’ll look forward to my first encounter with those then! Thoroughly enjoying this whole mod so far! I have found a small issue. There’s a prefab called “xcostum_bridgesideapartmentsA16(by_Batman)” which I keep getting trader quests for but there doesn’t appear to be a rally point to actually start the quest. Has happened several times now. It’s definitely linked to that specific prefab as far as I can tell because there’s at least two of them in the town I’m visiting and it happens with both of them whenever I get a quest there. Am playing on DFalls large map if that makes a difference at all.
  2. Make a copy of your game files first. For windows you just have to download the folder and extract the contents to your 7 days to die folder on your computer. You should get a pop up asking if you want to overwrite the files, to which you click “yes”. It should insert the data, 7daystodie_data and mods folders I believe. —— On an unrelated note I’m actually having a somewhat strange issue. Pics attached... the trader seems to have fallen through the floor. Not exactly a game breaker I guess. Any ideas anyone? 😂 ALSO are bandits still in the game? Haven’t seen any so far and on day 11 with 2 hour days.
  3. Ahh that makes sense. I think I was using the stone hammer so I’ll try the nail gun. Thanks for that!
  4. Can’t seem to upgrade wood bars to iron bars with forged iron. I had forged iron in my inventory but when I tried upgrading the little icon at the bottom right which would indicate that I had no forged iron would come up and it wouldn’t let me upgrade. Not a massive deal, I’ll just have to forge the iron bars. Just thought I’d let you know. Also is it possible to create forged steel on here? I’ve got steel smithing from the skill tree but now on the forge interface it’s not letting me craft it. Still says “crucible required” with a big red cross next to it. I bought a crucible from the trader but there isn’t a slot to actually put it into the forge anymore.
  5. If this has been covered already I apologise in advance. The link on first post says it’s not EAC friendly - does this mean I need to remove the EAC folder from the game? I’m now trying this mod for the first time but currently whenever I click to run 7DTD I’m ending up on a permanent black screen where the game would normally be loading the main menu. Not sure if this is somehow related to the whole EAC thing? Any help would be much appreciated because I am so excited to play this mod after seeing it in a video last night for the first time. **NEVERMIND** got it to run by running the version without EAC. Thanks for your work KhaineGB. Gonna have good times with this
  6. This is sort of related to my last topic but different question so made a new post. Got myself a bundle extractor and I’ve been looking through all the bundles trying to find the mesh files for the auto turrets. I can’t locate them anywhere though. In the XML the model for auto turret is specified as “Entities/Traps/AutoTurret/Auto_TurretPrefab”. Firstly in my game files under “Data/Bundles/Entities” I don’t have any “Traps” file. I have an “Entities” file but this is only 5kb and contains nothing. Can anybody point me in the right direction here? Eventually I’d like to create some custom turrets. I really want to look at how the current ones are built to give me a better idea of how to do this. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I am very new to modding stuff. I’m sure the answer is quite obvious but I’m very stuck with it and would be grateful for some help. Thanks!
  7. I want to create a couple of duplicate SMG turrets with different damage and fire rates to the original. I can’t find where to edit the code for the actual placed turrets though, only the item which you craft which creates one. I’m assuming the code which determines the turrets damage, fire rate and general actions when it’s been placed are in a different place though - anyone know where?
  8. Sorry to hear of your health issues but thanks for offering your time to make mod suggestions. That’s awesome! +1 for new turrets and base defenses. A laser turret would be awesome. Any other turrets such as Gatling gun turret, crossbow turret, M60 turret would be great. I’d really like for there to be a placeable turret which your character can sit in and you can rotate 360 degrees and fire the guns of, like a vehicle but static. Another suggestion would be some kind of end game upgraded weapon versions. Something I thought of earlier was to add a T7 version of each firearm which is crafted with the recipe being purchased from the trader for a hefty price (100k per recipe, maybe more). The recipes should be quite rare and only appear late in the game. Materials would be something that would take a while to get and a lot of grinding. It would definitely require a T6 version of the same weapon type. I thought about the following materials being required: - T6 version of the weapon - x golden nuggets (I had the idea of it being the same model as the base weapon but with a metallic gold material so this would be a logical requirement) - 30 *weapon* parts (maybe more) - 1,000 of the ammo for the weapon type (or 10,000. Maybe this makes an infinite ammo version of the weapon) The new version would have a slight increase to damage, fire speed and magazine capacity. Also would be really cool if it had a new firing animation and sound. Remember in CoD Black Ops zombies when you Pack-a-punched a gun and it would fire laser bullets and make laser sounds? Something like that! Just a few ideas anyway. I’m going to have to mod some kind of more powerful weapon into the game myself fairly soon. I’m starting to have real trouble clearing T5 fetch/clears now. Just got taken down by a group of 8 radiated ferals/bikers/big mommas. My T6 shotgun barely made a dent in them 😡
  9. I’m talking lightsabers, plasma guns etc. Maybe some kind of laser beam auto turret or plasma auto turret too (I’m a turret junkie - my current base runs 43 turrets). Also so might be quite cool to have a placeable turret which was like a vehicle. Spend the week loading it up with thousands of bullets then jump in on horde night and deliver the reckoning. Anybody come across any mods even slightly resembling anything I’ve mentioned here? I did have a quick search but didn’t find anything.
  10. If so where did you get it and what GS were you on roughly? Really want a purple auger but don’t know where to look... *Update* Got both auger and chainsaw in purple within a couple of hours today. Two seperate fetch/clear missions. At 171 GS with 5 points in lucky looter and 5 points in adventurer. Gl to anyone else who’s in the same position I was. Glad I can go back to digging now.
  11. I’ve got 16GB RAM but I don’t tend to be using more than 60% in total when my game slows right down. At one point yesterday with shadows still turned on my card was running at just over 90 degrees which hasn’t happened very often at all. I actually turned shadows completely off after that. Game looks a bit bland but it’s unreal how much smoother it runs now without them. A few other settings were changed too (screen of my current settings attached) but it’s not as enjoyable playing this way. ideally I would like to get something sorted soon but if the better option would be to wait then I guess I’ll do that. @warmer it seems your card has 2x the memory of mine and is slightly faster in speed too. I don’t know much about them but I’d guess that’s the reason yours outperforms mine quite significantly. The extra 16GB RAM probably helps a bit too, not sure. screen of my current graphics settings (looking quite sad at the moment)
  12. Currently got a Radeon RX 550 and AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU and 1080p monitor. I don’t really know much about graphics cards but I’m looking to be able to run the game on medium settings at minimum, maybe with textures on high. Anybody got any recommendations for graphics cards? Ideally something up to £200.
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