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  1. Thanks for helping us noobs out, its hard work as there is little in way of instructions at times, like I have nitro + combo pack 43 but I cant see any instructions on what to do with nitro? Okay there are 'nitro files' in the combo pack with a configUI and prefablist, so I checked Nitro and could see where to overwrite the files (guessing thats what to do) but then when I go into nitrogen, I still only see the option to prefab from combo pack 42, custom list or vanilla.....I assume that I need to instead select from custom list perhaps but no idea how that works. Other than that I will loo
  2. so to fix the Java issue, and also in my case get it outputting, yes you need Java 64 bit here https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp then when you install it, click remove to remove the old version then after this click the file again and install it this time. After this goto nitrogen .exe and it should work for you! The Jar one will load but not output from my experience..... Also if anyone knows if you can use combo prefabs on a server let me know!
  3. Hi is the compo pack downloading for anyone? Trying to create a map with biomes glued together rather than scatter gun approach too Same problem I just saw....and also with the java thing too....
  4. Hi there, I noticed you posted a link on how to create a custom map, I'd love to have a go at this, the link was Alpha 17b240 Quick Guide to Creating a ‘7 Days To Die’ world from an external image. but the link didnt work, can you check?


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