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  1. This sounds great! Do I need to first delete Farm Life V3 from my Mods folder THEN install your version? OR will this just add on to the existing installed Farm Life mod? Thanks!
  2. First off- THANK YOU! LOVE this mod. So grateful. My favorite. The Tom Cat- oh how I 💗 that cat! If you'll be updating for the new v19, I have a few requests to consider. 1. Could you offer the animals with OUT the pens? The bulky pens are quite offset so I struggle to make them fit correctly in my design. I would prefer to use an in game fence, or no fence at all. 2. The brew cooker is offset to the right- a lot. It clips into the surrounding block so I have placed it in a basement, out of sight. It's a nice piece of furniture, I would love it in my kitchen bu
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