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  1. Thank you good sir! Can't wait until the full update comes out. Pesky terrain generation glitches...thats the game right? not my gpu?
  2. ive heard this come up every now and then about the stone age but idrk what it is. Im playing experimental right now and i guess its just early levels? Ive only found stone tools and blunderbi. Can anybody give my ignorant @%$*#! a little run down about what it exactly is and how it works?
  3. hey Madmole or any other dev, how do you guys feel about steam workshop support for custom prefabs and POIS? We could make our own prefabs and share it with anybody who wanted to use it without pesky modding tools like Vortex/NMM Do you see that ever being implemented? If so how would it work?
  4. hey Madmole, what are the cahnces of getting custom prefabs/POIs we can add and share via steam workshop? this honestly sounds like a TFP thing to do. Or maybe they could pull a DayZ and add canned bacon or something
  5. Madmole, what is the most effective way to level in A18? How will this strategy in A19? also, I'm absolutely loving the new weapon models. Rip iron reinforced club.
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