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  1. Hello all. I play this game for many years, practically from the beginning. In my opinion, there is no better game of this type and believe me I played many survivals. Here, nods to the creator for his ideas and the work he did. However, one thing started to irritate me in this game. Sounds of bonfires, forga and opening boxes or even digging in the rock. I have, for example, a base underground, and behind a wall consisting of double steel frames. Why am I asking at the surface can I hear my bonfire, forge or even if I open the box. It's like being in the crosshairs of other players all the time. With all respect, but it is completely unfair that everyone passing by immediately knows where my base is .... shouldn't it just be rewarded for my ingenuity, innovation ....? It should not be heard - I repeat, you should not hear such things from behind thick rocks and behind a large concrete steel wall ..... Request to the Creator - change it please ... Puki what moved to a PVE server because on PVP my base too long does not stand. It's too easy to find. It irritates me a lot.... Regards. The same applies to light. Why do I dig deep underground when I know the sunrise ...? It should be dark underground, like apologizing in the @%$*#!. It doesn't make any sense. Big compliments to the creator but instead of playing new ax models, please change such important issues as light and sound ....
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