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  1. Yep. Just had that happen to me as well.
  2. I fixed my problem with the floating buildings. I was trying to play the DF large map and that's where I got the buildings floating. When I dropped down to DF medium maps, I've had no problems at all. Perhaps the DF large map was too big for my computer to handle. All is fixed now. Thanks.
  3. How do I manually load the game? (I know probably a very basic question) I've cleared out my original 7d2d game of all saves, uninstalled it and the mod launcher, re-installed both and I'm still getting floating buildings. You mentioned manually loading the game might fix a lot of problems. Thank you.
  4. I do I fix it if it's a seed or save game issue?
  5. I just downloaded the mod. All the POI's are in the air when I start the game and when I go near them they crumble to the ground. Ideas on how to fix?
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