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  1. Hi! Thanks for your reply. I checked some things and it seems that everything is okay. My item_modifiers looks like this: <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunSoundSuppressorSilencer']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunKG"> <property name="Sound_start" value="ak47_s_fire"/> <property name="Sound_end" value="silencefiller"/> <property name="Sound_loop" value="ak47_s_fire"/> <property name="BarrelOffset" value="-1,-0.5,-0.5"/> <property name="BarrelScale" value="1,1,1"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> My Gun Prefab in Unity looks like this: gunKG gunKG_mesh Attachments Barrel Side Scope Handle Muzzle Scope Edit: I fixed it now, because i took a second look on that Prefab layout and reworked it. Now it looks like this and every position can be changed now! gunKG Attachments Barrel Side Scope Handle Clip Scope 1 Muzzle gunKG_Mesh Thanks alot @bdubyah
  2. Hey! A few days ago i started making some custom made weapons with Blender and the Unity Editor for me and some friends, but before we can use them i still have to figure out why the silencers seem to have a random position on every gun. ("Barrel" entity in Unity is right in front of the Barrel exactly like the "Muzzle" one and that looks just fine ingame.) I tried to fix it with this line in my XML's but either i don't get the real meaning of this command (English is not my Motherlanguage) or it just doesn't work for whatever reason. <property name="BarrelOffset" value="0,0,0"/> Instead of "0,0,0" i already tried some random numbers to figure out if it even moves. Maybe i should mention there are NO Errors popping up inside the console while loading a map or savegame.
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