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  1. Thanks for the updates guys, so in a nutshell then, either keep the server and client at 18.4 and it'll be all gravy, or update both client and server and some things may break but may not. Either way I have already backed up the entire server folder and saves, so if it all goes wrong I can restore it like that. This isn't really a very good thing, having to lose worlds at every update. If you lost all your documents every time you updated your computer it would get painful real fast, please fun pimps can you build into the update a way to update worlds to work too with the updated server/client. I love this game, but seriously this is bad form. Anyway, thanks to you both for clarifying for me. Best regards.
  2. Hey y'all, I would really like to know when A19 hits this summer, will my dedicated Linux server; automatically update? reset my current 18.4 world back to before anyone played it? will it just break? will it stay as it is working away on 18.4 but my client will upgrade to A19 and I won't be able to connect? as #4, but will I still be able to connect to an older server? What I really need to know, ultimately, is how can I make sure that my world as it is now and while we still play on 18.4, when the upgraded A19 hits, how to preserve the world so we can continue it in A19. We have spent a lot of time creating it and I know it's the same for many many other people and servers. I would just like to know definitively how to preserve it, or if it is absolutely impossible to continue it when A19 hits. I tried to find similar posts in a brief 10 minute perusing of all the categories but couldn't see one so I'm really very sorry if this is a duplicate topic etc. Thanks in advance. MeaTLoTioN
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