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  1. ok well...im off to bed lol..i copied the contents of the new game i made in nitro gen into a folder i had to make called generated worlds folder ( because it wasnt there by default) then i started the game and it couldn't find the new made game so...i duno...seems ill fight with it some more tomorrow
  2. i dont see any appdata folder after my name on my computer nor do i see roaming
  3. i usually play with one other person we like to build stuff in the game...so will she be able to join my new made world just like any other world ive made so far? just..send her an invite and she comes in and can see everything?
  4. ok i used nitro gen to make a new world ..now how do i point the game to that world file? its in a folder on my desktop but i dont see a way to steer the game to it
  5. Nitrogen? is that in the game? or is that some addon yeah i tried to start a new game but i didnt see anything about Nitrogen
  6. I see people playing in the ocean in this game...there is a beach...they make an ocean base....yet I just spent 4.5 hours uncovering the entire map....no ocean....is the ocean some mod? if not how do you get to the ocean??
  7. ok so i see how to clear a big piece of land instantly using the Z command, but, how do i then cover that freshly flattened land with concrete blocks just as fast....i tried using the Z command again while having the blocks equipped but it didn't work. i dont want to have to lay 900 million blocks one by one to make my foundation for my building. anyone know what key command or how to get that done?
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