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  1. Alright. For future reference, I have had a stroke. I fine now, but I lack certain skill set - hence my "what is iirc" comment. I pondered that for 10 minutes. What do you recommend I put on this game? What path do recommend I put the link he mentioned before?
  2. What iirc? And what is my screenshot supposed to look like? I have been playing a lot and I leery about putting on mods.
  3. I don't seem to have the button that let you hold back inventory items? I have done everything that I could think of. All the other seem to have it ( I watch a ton of videos)
  4. I have played 700+ hours, non pvp. TS/Discord. I have been working it like a job and I want to find others like me.
  5. Somehow, I got rid of my file that contains my profile. I got all these saves...... I have been new to save my games, only saved it twice. I have been work it like a job. If someone would tell me the path it on and how to correct this I would be much appreciated.
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