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  1. I never got that but I mainly use coil handgun with silencer and I make sure to close the bunker door and another door after getting in. Kinda upset that laser pistol can't use silencer.
  2. I am playing medium 1 and it was on little path from one of caitlin trader. It looks conspicuous but well the books ❤️ ... There are two kinds of 'bunker' in DF. One is shaped like a square well in the burnt biome and another is in one of the tent of a POI with five tents. All the DF specific poi are named DFalls something something. The well one is a lot easier than the tents one, but they do not have fusion forge or laser workbench. The well is good place to get hazmat suit pieces, keycards, and energy cells.
  3. You can have 125 bottle jars and turn them into 125 murky. VS clay bowl fit only 15 bowls to use single water to turn to 15. xD Well I guess it is not a big deal, I live in desert with no water around so my water source is the rain catcher and a single one only provide for 1-2 scoops. Cool! I love your works with the semi-circular biome! And that semi-secret library in a very dangerous place, makes me so happy with how much skill books I made! Oh, I see why I felt there wasn't enough POI for the quests. I think even some the vanilla ones like dishong tower is not in
  4. Hi, I have clocked over 120 hours on the mod and reached level 105. Played on default difficulty default settings except I turn off blood moon since I didn't enjoyed that somehow. Did the bunker and science lab (died several times of couse), beat the science lab without laser weapons by locking the incubus behind a large door hehe... but found out I don't bring mats to make the laser workbench, duh. Going back there the second time with laser pistol I scavenged and kill two incubus and get the demonic essence. After going back with laser workbench and all, my life feels empty. I go
  5. I am in a19.2 and I can gather it. Have you tried both left and right click with empty clay bowl? I think it is left but I can be wrong.
  6. Hi, I found a bug! When I click E too much on a snare, it is possible that it bug out and cause me unable to open any containers. Thankfully, it is easy to solve: fully restart the game. Mainly saying this so if someone stumble open the same issue, they don't kill their char and walk 1km like I did 😛 .
  7. what I did is I make a copy of 7days game folder and then put the mod files there (overwrite), then make a shortcut to 7d launcher. Technically it is not double instal, just copy paste. Then whenever I want to run the game, I run steam, then I run the shortcut.
  8. Hi, so I figure out the coop and snare. The coop can be placed anywhere outside, but the snare can be put on topsoil. The sand topsoil just works but putting it on road or the gravel bordering the road will cause them to disappear. Also I found out if you take the perk for advanced forge, then get laborer class, you can no longer make advanced forge until you raises two point on laborer class. I think that sucks. I think it doesn't work because you also need specific gun crafting skill to be able to use it. If you go to hunting rifle crafting on perks, it says you need gun cr
  9. Awwww. Well, no big deal. Time to pop into creative menu, build 50 or something of snares and see which ones stay in the desert XD
  10. Hi! I am on the desert biome and have tried on either natural sand ground or sand ground after flattened with wooden frame. When you say grass, the grass patch that gives plant fiber when hit or do I have to move to forest biome? xD
  11. here is the thing, the ones that disappear, never trigger or loot. I left them several times, when I am back they are gone. Even there is some occasion that they just gone after I place them, they gone right in front of my eyes. ;/ I watched an old video that says dont make farm too big or things gone missing, but I dont have big farm and other things are fine. I only place 10 of these snares and my crop farm is around 20 blocks away and only have 20 crops on them.
  12. Thanks for the reply, Khaine! That is a lot of questions you answered! Anyone have any idea how snare / chicken coop works? My coops work once, then nothing. As for the snares, most of them are just disappearing without even a single harvest. I was able to have one or two trigger inside enclosed area (still count as outdoor) then nothing. It is frustrating.
  13. Heya, I am playing this on the current alpha 19.2(b4) and I can't pick up any chairs, is it intended?
  14. I believe it is the world's edge?
  15. AMAZING mod! I can't find the mod page, tho I find the mod on nexus. Thank you for making this.
  16. I keep it until I have repair kits, then I put it on one of my storage forever. Now I have lvl 5 stone axe and lvl 3 taza axe on my storage.
  17. So an update of my build, I reset a little and now come with this: Perception 7 - Lucky Looter 5 - Lockpicking 1 Strength 2 - Sexual tyranosaurus 2 - Motherlode 2 Fortitude 1 - Living on the Land 1 Agility 7 - Archery 4 - Light Armor 4 - Hidden Strike 1 - From the Shadows 4 I just can't unlove lucky looter since I'm mostly looting anyway. Still don't get crucible but I am able to craft lvl 5 military armor now, how fun. Still liking the running shoes more than armored shoe so I can run around. I got a bicycle. I tested pistol, smg, and revolver on other wor
  18. you got them prebuild fyi, just pick the prefab selection.
  19. Ohhh. I encountered that POI kind of, twice. The church which have a decent catacomb below. Zombies are hiding behind 'curtains' and I can shot arrows on curtains and kill them silently on first big room, but the smaller rooms.. either if I go in or my arrow go in, the zom zom wakes up.
  20. Could you show me what it looks like in the game?
  21. I usually mod when I already feel I have beat most of the game mechanics (this doesn't mean beating the game, just have extended understanding and starts feeling it is all a chore). For 7 days, I select just mod a little, I just want a world with more POIs.
  22. Just a feedback... Uhm, some of these prefabs are... how do I say it, not adhere the spirit of the game? The strobing light POI make my head hurts (I don't even have epilepsy), some POIs just require bashing metal doors instead finding clever way in, and some have too many sealed loot boxes (variety shop is one I think of but there also mundane houses with not much zombies that have tons of loots). I have removed them from RWGMixer but it kind of too late for my save file now. Oh, I love the abandoned trader prefab, I almost trapped there! Very eerie.
  23. The leather armor I crafted also shows noise increase 0 on the left side xD ... however say... I instal mobility mod, it is accurately shows improvement.
  24. I am at day 39, lvl 37, agi 7 with archery, light armor, and from the shadows 4 now and having fun of sneaking around. I hasn't met the 'whole POI waking up' but I did wake up 1-2 zombies because I do not realizes they are nearby when I hit the other ones. What impede me right now is regardless that I clear out so many lucrative POIs and get 5-6 items.. I hasn't get recipe / item for crucible or compound bow. So I have to buy steel from traders to make mods. On that case, I feel I am wasting these steel on making mufflers cause I check all my new light armor and the left side says
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