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  1. Thanks. It took a few tries with the Mod Launcher but I finally got the mod working on my PC... next I'll try getting it on a hosted server.
  2. Is there something wrong with the download link or link souse for the Apocalypse Now Mod on page 1? I've tried it three times and the download fails after 15 minutes at around 1 Gb. And I know its not my connection or PC because I've successfully downloaded other mods today.
  3. I have a server running the Zombie Plus from May and the Starter Kit from May. I know I need to replace the Zombie Plus, but do I need to replace the Starter Kit also?
  4. Ok, cool thanks... indeed sounds helpful to my server group.
  5. Snufkin's weapons and zombie mods had updates this month... what about the Snuflkin's vehicle mod?
  6. I installed "SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS_A19_2021May20" and everything seems running smoothly (although I have yet to test somehow). 1) Do I need to install "Snufkin-Party-Plus-Starter-Kit-A19-master" as well? 2) What does Snufkin-Party-Plus-Starter-Kit-A19-master do (not sure, is it the "lite" version)?
  7. Ok, thanks for explaining it to me... I have no issues performance, I was worried the red line text stuff would not allow 6 players into the vehicle, that's all... don't mind about looks too much.
  8. Can someone tell me what the redline of console text means? When I get into and of the mog's vehicle it appears in the console (different for different mod vehicles)... couldn't find it in any of the mod's Config Folder XML files. Sorry the screenshots (text is small, but Windows Magnifier should remedy it).
  9. I been looking (the forum) for info. on vehicles in WOW mod. I have not found any... are there any drivable ground vehicles besides the vanilla game's 4x4?
  10. I'm not sure if you take suggestions: have you thought about adding a ground vehicle that can seat 6 or more players or modify an existing ground vehicle to seat 6 or more players? The helicopters are difficult to control.
  11. I tryed again... success! Thanks, I'm not sure why it didn't work in the first place... I might have done the CM search wrong?
  12. I installed Snufkin_CommunityPack_ServerSideVehicles_A19_2021Feb25 only, onto my server running 7 Days to Die Alpha 19.4 despite the date labeled "... _A19_2021Feb25." I check in Creative Mode (CM command)... the mod did not work at all. Is it even compatible with 19.4 (b7)? Did I install the mod wrong or is it just not compatible with 19.4??
  13. I suspected that, but thanks for confirming.
  14. I was confused as to the modlets working in A19.4... but now I am not. I was also looking at H7SB Backpacks server side modelet. It talks about modifying the inventory and such... would there be a conflict with the Snufkin's modelets?
  15. I'm starting a hosted server for a gaming group of friends. So, I was pretty excided to find this modelet and the series of server-side modlets--- where the client PCs do not have to do or install anything. I'm ok with the things such as vehicles not working exactly 100% as expected... long as they work decently of the time. But I do need to ask; do the following Snufkin Modelets work together in the 7DTD Alpha 19.4 version? - Community Pack Server Side Vehicles - Weapons Xpansion - Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS - Slot Machine - Scrap Tools
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