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    Impact driver

    Hello guys i mean that wrench uses 18 stamina while driver impact takes 24 (source game Wiki) i think it should be lower for driver while its automatic and more stamina to wrench because u use muscles. I Hope you understand what i mean. I'm sorry for my poor english its not my native language.
  2. Ayanna

    Impact driver

    Can someone explain me why impact driver uses stamina while auger isn't? Isn't it like tool that doesnt need much efford to use?
  3. Thank you everyone for answers 🥰
  4. Hello everyone! I have question maybe it was asked before but i'm sorry its alot pages to read 🥴 if i play now at alpha 18 and when alpha19 will be exist ill lose what i have and start from zero? I'm sorry for my english its not my native language. Have a great day everyone.
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