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  1. Upon further testing I can confirm it was because of setting Wasteland only for biome setting. For whatever reason the trader quest can't find trader location on this setting. I looked it up and there are a lot of traders and some were quite close in a city and town but there is some issue between the quest and that location. Spawning in burnt biome seems to be fine as I made the add burnt and wasteland and add more burnt and wasteland and spawning in burnt gives trader location. Haven't gotten a spawn in wasteland yet with those biome selections. Some one else posted that they experienced the
  2. I have been using nitrogen since it came out and never had an issue like this, alpha 18 never gave me a single problem - this really has me stumped. Checked the file that lists all the POIs and it lists traders and a lot of them. Have tried to generate a lot of maps and in different settings with the same result no trader location. One thing I noticed is at one time when looking in the file with the generated POIs previous versions it would identify the trader like settlement_trader (alpha 18) and give the coordinate location. Now it lists the traders individually and specifically by name like
  3. With further testing - new install of nitrogen, removal of compo pack, the nitrogen maps no longer give beginning quest functionality on completion - get the Locate Trader NO TRADER. It appears to be something broken in the prefabs list referencing the traders.
  4. Not sure why I get this with the latest Nitrogen + compo pack. Only way I can get the quest to give me a trader location is wiping all save data at the launcher then I will get one map with trader location. If I then make another map I get this... only way is to wipe all stored data again. Therefore I can only have one map at a time as have to always delete everything other save. Seems to me problem is with compo pack. Easiest way to delete compo pack? (remove the prefabs folder?)
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