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  1. Upon further testing I can confirm it was because of setting Wasteland only for biome setting. For whatever reason the trader quest can't find trader location on this setting. I looked it up and there are a lot of traders and some were quite close in a city and town but there is some issue between the quest and that location. Spawning in burnt biome seems to be fine as I made the add burnt and wasteland and add more burnt and wasteland and spawning in burnt gives trader location. Haven't gotten a spawn in wasteland yet with those biome selections. Some one else posted that they experienced the same thing and to just keep reloading till you get a trader location in the wasteland, but who wants to keep doing the starting quest over and over. If you want to do a 100% wasteland map you just might have to go cheat mode and give your self a bit of stuff to offset having to take the extra time to find that first trader.
  2. I have been using nitrogen since it came out and never had an issue like this, alpha 18 never gave me a single problem - this really has me stumped. Checked the file that lists all the POIs and it lists traders and a lot of them. Have tried to generate a lot of maps and in different settings with the same result no trader location. One thing I noticed is at one time when looking in the file with the generated POIs previous versions it would identify the trader like settlement_trader (alpha 18) and give the coordinate location. Now it lists the traders individually and specifically by name like trader_hughes, trader_jen, and so on. When the quest is trying to reference a trader to fill the lookup for trader location and to put the marker on your map it's not finding that reference so something must be wrong there. Could be that some updating between game and the generator, file storage and something not getting properly dealt with. I have removed portions of the files and forced steam to verify and update and ran it twice the first time it replenished the poi folder (due to the compo pack). Then I ran verification again and it updated some other files. I then used the in game random generator to make a perfect map that works just fine. One thing the map generated is like running much smoother than nitrogen map, the nitrogen map was so laggy with massive frame drops on a 4k x 4 k map was terrible. Not sure what's up with the latest version on my computer but something has gone wrong. Helped my server I play on run Nitrogen for the first time and it made a perfect 12 k x 12 k map which the server owner is very happy with. So whatever the issue is it's some kind of file issue or corruption on my end. Going to leave it rest for now and maybe take a crack at it again at a later date.
  3. With further testing - new install of nitrogen, removal of compo pack, the nitrogen maps no longer give beginning quest functionality on completion - get the Locate Trader NO TRADER. It appears to be something broken in the prefabs list referencing the traders.
  4. Not sure why I get this with the latest Nitrogen + compo pack. Only way I can get the quest to give me a trader location is wiping all save data at the launcher then I will get one map with trader location. If I then make another map I get this... only way is to wipe all stored data again. Therefore I can only have one map at a time as have to always delete everything other save. Seems to me problem is with compo pack. Easiest way to delete compo pack? (remove the prefabs folder?)
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