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  1. That is highly obnoxious. I guess I'll have to wait for 19.1 stable to drop to use that method; thank you!
  2. I was actually! Is there an issue with turret placement at this time?
  3. This has now happened twice and forced me to abandon the mission by default (not a fun thing at T5) Game suddenly freezes (during a fight) and refuses to resume operation after waiting for some time (I waited 30 minutes before closing it via the 'program not responding' window. Anyone else having this issue? Seems like this, phantom/vanishing blocks has all cropped up in the past week.
  4. I've had that too with crates I've placed down. Never happened until this week.
  5. I actually didn't know they were modified to not be triggered by traps, so that changes things quite a bit.
  6. I'm not saying it's not possible to deal with them; I'm saying their inclusion funnels your potential base builds towards a specific path, the opposite of what a free-build game should do.
  7. Awesome, thank you all so much for the direction. Onward to what is most certainly my death!
  8. Well dang that sounds awesome! Thank you for the XML links; where is that document located? I must have been using the wrong one (Is it the one in Appdata?) I may try tweaking that, but it's nice to hear that things do progress to be more horrifying! Speaking of which- is there an XML feature to remove Demolishers, since they're the opposite of one of the main points of the game? (base building) I'm using a mod, but if there's another way, I can try that.
  9. Perhaps I was in the dark about this, but I have to say suddenly seeing a flock of zombie vultures slowly creeping towards my base was an absolute thrill, because I was 100% NOT expecting that, and I had no idea if they accompanied other zombies underneath them. While they didn't, are there more dynamic roaming hordes now? Mix and matching types? I've had the equally HORRIFYING swarm of dogs that was a welcome (but nightmarish) sight. I did not know about either of those things since I bypassed the experimental versions. Do these new 'zombie types' overlap somehow? Vultures being able to accompany a larger horde underneath them ?Zombie dogs + normal horde? That'd be downright horrifying (which is to say, awesome.) I assume there is a mod for it but was wondering if it's built into the game at later stages or if it can be increased in frequency. (Or is Night Falls mod the over-arching thing I should explore?)
  10. Just as a heads up, I found what COULD be the setting in Multiplayer options: Bedroll deadzone scaling from zero (default) to 35 blocks. Not sure if it works in single player however.
  11. Wait, seriously? Why in the world would that option have been removed? I know it existed in the past and alternated between the LCB and the bedroll. There doesn't seem to be a logical reason to have removed it; heck, have it be a value between 15 and 100 to prevent disrupting the other spawn cells. That's extremely frustrating to hear; maybe someone else has located it?
  12. Simple enough question I haven't found an answer to. Is there a specific deadzone line in one of the config files so I don't have hordes/zombies spawning inside a base that is larger than the deadzone provided by the bedroll? Or was that switched to land claim block (which can be modified via multiplayer menu.) Many thanks! *Edit* this option is found in the multiplayer menu when starting a game. I am unsure if this applies to single player.
  13. Personally I loathe the fact pretty much everything is now locked behind skills. It's one of the things I've been saddened to see grow in 7d2d, pushing more 'grind' mechanics. Crafting, weapons, etc; no skills, no use. It just plain isn't fun, and that's an issue. Honestly, I've set my xp to 2-300% to counteract this. Problem (mostly) solved!
  14. As a former fire lookout, I'm rather excited to have a new option of basing in a version of my old tower. It's a small, simple thing I noticed, but if TFP really wanted to go the extra mile in hidden realistic features, having a block in the center of the tower with a scrap-able brass mechanic would be rather cool. To my knowledge, most, if not all towers have an Osborn Fire Finder- so adding a brass 'thing', even if it's just a generic scrap-able block in the center of the tower would be a pretty easter egg to see.
  15. As a former fire lookout, I'm looking forward to being able to set up a base in my rightful tower once again. Keep it up, Devs! I'm curious as to how detailed /accurate you have decided to make them/if they're a randomly spawned entity in forests/above certain altitudes. If you include the Osborne Fire Finder in the center of the tower to be mined for extra Brass, oh, I'm going to be pretty impressed. I've enjoyed this game for a good 2.5k+ hours (despite the new forum account,) and have to say this Alpha is looking pretty enticing.
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