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  1. Troll Roland code named little blue dress 不不不不
  2. So don't mention LBD basically 不不不
  3. Yes Geese are mean and territorial. But we have these dang green headed ducks at my job that are not scared of people and will run at you if you get to close.
  4. Depends on the Duck. Some are mean as all heck.
  5. So am I. I just want to play the game. See how it really is in Game and then make my choice based on the actual gameplay. Until then it is all speculation and assumption. But thats my 2 cents. What im really curious about is if @madmole has decided to keep the junk drone in A19 or it isn't ready yet and needs some more tweeking.
  6. Just reading these complaints about something we haven't even given a chance makes me hungry不不不
  7. THIS... this is what I wanna hear about.
  8. Depends on the player. I mine all the time to pass time at night. Even early game. Take a torch and my stone Axe and go to town. But to a player who doesn't enjoy mining yes they are. But I think MM ment like coal, nitrate, wood things like that.
  9. Ugh here we go again... can we all agree we love the game and all play differently. But it boils down to both sides are equally passionate because we enjoy this game. When I've had a Hard day at work(I am a Mechanic on tractor trailers so everyday is hard) I come home and smash Steve's head in with my sledge and disconnect from reality. Thats what games are about. Immersing yourself into a fictional world and just disconnecting. I think we as a community forget this fact a lot of times.
  10. Steve is the tweeker zombie. I called him Walter white 不不不
  11. I use the sledge. More mods for the hammer would also be nice. Like a spike mod for that. But thats Pimps dreams territory. I play like I'm a tank in the game so I agree max HP would be awesome, because I also die like a tank 不不不
  12. I wanna see the new buff and debuff system in action
  13. I think once @madmole claims "release the kraken " the forum will explode. I am just excited to get my hands on it. Save any and all criticism or complaints for once I put some hours into the game. I have a feeling it will be much better. TFP have put in a lot of work and I personally can't wait to give it a go.
  14. I love the direction you guys are going. The game has improved so much over the alphas. I hope the junk drone makes it to A19 but if it doesn't then that means you feel it isn't ready for release yet. I just can't wait to see some of your videos. I do think its funny how you will say we added XYZ123457 and people only care because you skipped 6. @madmole keep up the great work. Thank you for your hard work. I was being sarcastic about paint. I like my base to look like a bunker personally. But I do want a paint for all the diffrent types of storage containers.
  15. @madmole I was in now way serious.. I only use paint on storage containers. I was mocking the people who ignore everything you say is coming and focus on little thing. My bad.
  16. No new paint 唐唐唐 the current paint selection is meh at best. But that's OK because A19 sounds awesome w/o new paints
  17. Despair is what I have waiting for A19 I skipped A17 completely wasn't a fan. The A18 hit and I was excited now this is killing me. Also to get back on topic for this thread. @madmole or @Roland any way maybe you guys can show off the junk drone a bit soon besides the pictures I mean.
  18. I'd love being a tester but alas not in the cards
  19. @madmole will we be keeping the current book system? Will you add new books possibly to A19?
  20. Roland, Personally I've never minded waiting for quality. Seen rushed games turn very bad very quick. Maybe because I'm an old man now in gaming community or something. DA2 comes to mind as a rushed product. TFP have delivered quality updates one after another the waiting is good by me. But the log spike trap loss in A17 still hurts. I had to kill zombies to take all my frustration out at TFP over the removal of the best trap ever.
  21. Looking forward to A19. The changes look amazing. Already planning my base, etc... Have any optimization been done beyond what A18 has done? Will any new traps appear in A19?
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