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  1. Just started playing this with some buds on a private server. The " Special " Traders do they have the Same type of Buildings as the Vanilia traders
  2. I was wondering if you created a Vehicle with an B class engine instead of an D class if the Car would be Faster or a bit better ?
  3. Useing water pumps and Gas /Oil pumps does it matter where you place them? IE would water give more water next to a Lake and Oil pump next to a Shale deposit
  4. Thanks for responding so quickly I noticed that I dont get Engine Parts when breaking down Vehicles . Can we make Engines or are they just drops now ? Thank you
  5. I watched a Youtube. About repairing Cars and trucks. Does a $x$ "jeep" count as a Car or a Truck? when it comes to repair kits?
  6. Thank you this is such a cool feature. Thanks for the Heads up.
  7. While playing i was trying to Find some Vehicle Wheels. I have wrenched a few Cars. Do you get Tires from Cars or is it a Random Loot items?
  8. Thank you i found something like this in the "snowy" part of the map No flag No guards. PS Playing on the "large" map on a friends server ( so i can't try any of the spawn stuff) Thank you everyone for answering my nOOb Questions. First time playing 7D2D ... Ever so just trying to find all the Cool stuff in this Mod when i dont know the Vanilia version Found Eve... 3rd time now Hoard's keep killing her ... So we walled her in ( that seemed to help, thus far) Is there a "set" Re-set timmer for "quest" POI's ? i have 2 quests for the same "building" when i do it i can't re-do it again. What is the Timmer? 24 hour? (this was just a Guess)
  9. Does Caitlin's POI have a certain "look"? I have been trying to find her but not sure what her "Base" is supposed to look like. Does anyone have a good stream link or in game screen capture of her base/outpost?
  10. Looking for any information on Eve The SeasonedSurvivor I had a quest for her "test" Came back to turn in and she was gone... Does she Respawn and you just have to find her? Been trying to find info on her... Thank you
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