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  1. Thanks, it was actually "set" I was having the problem with too, but I went through a barrage of attempts to fix it and got lost along the way, seeing your example made me realise what I'd done wrong! NOW though, it works and the loot.xml in the configsdump shows the "all" values where I want them, but the game still pops the console open on loading the game and complains about the "all" in red ink. (This was what originally started me trying other things and ending up in the situation which prompted this post) ERR XML loader : Loading and parsing 'loot.xlm' failed Except
  2. When I try to setattribute on an existing record to change the count to "all", in loot.xml, the game rejects it on loading. I can create a new record with count="all", but if I remove and re-add an existing record the game also red-inks me on loading because the record is momentarily absent. Is there some way to do this?
  3. Thanks, I'll look at going that route. I take it adding actual animations to the game is not documented? I couldn't find anything.
  4. This is for a "sleep on beds/bedroll" mod - currently I can crouch on a bedroll and get the increased rest bonus, but I'd like to look like we are lying down for immersiveness. I've tried things like Ragdoll with a long duration and zero force, but the character just stands up right away. Reapplying the ragdoll on buff update makes the character wriggle about weirdly. Anything I can do? If this doesn't exist, what would I need to do to create it?
  5. Looking to tweak some mods to suit my own and my playing group's tastes, one thing I can't see is how to read the x,y,z coords of a player and affect the process of a buff etc. accordingly. Is there a way to do this?
  6. The way Iwas reading it was, "This is the gamestage needed to spawn this type of zombie", so increasing the value would mean we would need to accumulate a higher gamestage before that type can spawn. I've not been able to test it though.
  7. My playing group has just started 2nd playthrough and upped difficulty to nomad, we like the day-to-day experience on our settings but found Blood Moon nights were spawning stuff way to tough for our liking. We want to make it so that the Blood Moon spawns are more like regular difficulty. Browsing the files it seems that the spawns are goverened by gamestages.xml : <spawner name="BloodMoonHorde"> Is this right or am I looking in the wrong place? If this is right, would increasing the gamestage stage = nnn values mean lower grades of spawns are created, and if so h
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