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  1. Ever since the first alpha I've never really liked the MMORPG style zombie system in 7DTD, where the zombies are all clones of 8 or 9 distinct and recognizable individuals. They even used to have names like "Arlene" until a18 when it was no longer possible to loot them. I don't really like this in other games like Killing Floor either, although at least in that game there's an explanation for it - the Zeds are all literal clones being pumped out of hidden underground cloning vats.


    I always preferred the zombies from other games such as Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead, who all look very similar, their clothing is dirty and neutrally colored, and it's much harder to distinguish them from each other as individuals. They all kind of blend together. It's weird and kind of paradoxical - the more similar the zombies look to each other, the less they seem like identical videogame clones. I'd prefer the 7DTD zombies if they were designed in a way where it was harder to tell them apart, and they were distinguished more by their roles in the game, like wearing hardhats or having the ability to climb.


    Was just wondering how many other people shared this opinion and how many people like the clones or don't care.

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  2. On 4/1/2021 at 12:16 PM, Darklegend222 said:

    I consider it to have moved away from a scavenging game. Scavenging is going through shelves and shelves of stuff "hoping" to find something, now its just "if i raid this, i KNOW i'll find nothing useful, but once that number goes higher, MAGICALLY more stuff appears".


    Edit, I forgot to add the first bit. In A16, raiding POIs was a daunting experience because there was less stuff to loot, a lot of places had almost nothing, and the zombies were quite horrifying. Now its just running quests endlessly to level up and get more money to purchase an item because places will NOT get any loot other than stone items. Its a game of leveling and a game of questing. Not so much a horror/survival.


    I agree 100%, and this is why they need to overhaul the zombies to make certain PoI's more difficult, so the loot system stops relying on RNG quite so much. Some RNG is good, but you've outlined the reason why it can't be the sole decider of what kind of loot a player recieves.


    Dungeon crawling is great and that's fantastic if this is the direction they want the game to go in. Dungeon crawlers are fun as hell and dungeons as ruined supermarkets puts a great twist on it.


    But with that, fundamental changes need to be made to the enemies. In dungeon crawling games, there's a clear progression between low level dungeons and high level dungeons. 7DTD should be no different, PoI's with fat loot need to have a huge risk factor involved, have a big reward, and actually be daunting for fresh toons to traverse. Do you really want to risk your life for those power tools?


    So, PoI's should have different types of zombies to reflect their risk and reward. Maybe the in-game lore could visually explain it by making the "outside zombies" dessicated skinny weak skeletal husks, while different types of "inside zombies" and sleepers could come with different clothing and danger levels. There doesn't have to be any logic to explain why a gun factory zombie bites harder than a suburban house zombie. They just do. Or explain it visually - just make them look more frightening and scary.

  3. On 4/12/2021 at 9:54 PM, Liesel Weppen said:

    Am i the only one that is annoyed by those pointless small talk, roleplaying or whatever all these posts are supposed to be, posts posted in new threads over and over with completely nonsense titles by always the same user?


    lol you must be new to the internet if that's all it takes to annoy you


  4. I would like it if they spawned with different colored clothing and different face skins. The exact same 8 zombies always felt way too MMO style for me, and giving them names always felt like the wrong direction to take. Is this world full of mutant clones of the same 8-10 people or something?


    I much prefer Left 4 Dead's zombies, where they're all pretty similar but wear different clothes and are very difficult to distinguish as individuals.



  5. I'm using a mod off Nexus that increases headshot damage and reduces body damage, but it only applies to vanilla weapons, and I've got a lot of new weapon mods such as STALKER and Wasteland Weapons. Can someone point me to the specific files I have to change in order to apply the same values to all of my modded weapons too?


    My goal is to have a Romero-style world where there are hundreds of zombies that are all resistant to body damage but die in one or two hits to the head.

  6. I mod the game to spawn 8x-16x the amount of zombies. There's also a mod where you can make them die in 1 hit to the head but are immune to body damage. You can even cut off all their limbs and they'll stay alive trying to bite you. All the simplifications seem balanced after that, since you've got 100 zombies in every chunk and they're all trying to kill you, you don't have much time to worry about stat numbers.

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  7. Thanks for the info!


    If I wanted to use compopack 47 (and a few other individual prefabs from nexus) for the game's built in map generator, is there anything special I have to do, other than copying all the prefab files into my "7 days to die/data/prefab" folder?


    I've generated a few maps and they don't seem to be including the names of any custom prefabs in the "generatedworlds/mapname/prefabs.xml" folder. Am I just reading the prefabs.xml file wrong or am I missing a file somewhere else that tells the game to include the custom prefabs?

  8. Hello, what is the nitrogen custom list line for this prefab? As in, Club_hotel,none,x,x,x,x,x,downtown;unique


    Also, does anyone know where the dimensions can be found so I can do this myself in future? They don't seem to be in the xml

  9. 1 minute ago, Kyonshi said:

    But Dire Wolves and Zombie Bears should remain the same in terms of behavior.

    Yes, because they are zombies. It's not even about what's realistic, there's really no point in having wolves in the game at all if they're just going to act exactly the same as zombies. 7DTD isn't the only game that's guilty of this, pretty much every video game ever made has wolves as a generic enemy mob that attacks you on sight mindlessly. It's always broken my immersion and annoyed me a bit.

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  10. 47 minutes ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

    So you basically say we should get rid of them. Because what you want is wolves that are basically no threat at all.

    No, I think wolves should act like wolves, that are only a threat under specific circumstances, such as when you're very low HP. Just like in real life. If they're going to act like zombies then there's no point in them existing as living animals, they may as well just be zombies. There's no reason for them to mindlessly attack your base, that isn't how opportunistic predators like wolves behave. The game already has zombie dogs.


    Scenario: You're limping home with a backpack full of stuff, you've sprained your leg and are on 20% HP. You hear the howl of a wolf and see 3 or 4 of them following you at a distance. It's only a matter of time before they decide to rush you, and they're not easy to hit with ranged weapons. Get ready to defend yourself.

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  11. We already have zombie dogs, there's no reason for wolves to attack you on sight and behave like mindless monsters.


    They should never try to break into your base, bears might try to do this but wolves would never do it. They should watch you from a distance and run away if you get too close. Maybe if you're badly injured, limping, and extremely weakened, they should attack in a group after following you at a distance for a while. If you reduce their HP they should run away again.

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  12. I want a radioactive biome that is only safely accessible with special equipment. They could get really creative with the appearance, with glowing green lakes of toxic waste and trees with luminous veins.

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  13. One of the things I loved about the Bethesda Fallout series was the way you could be travelling through the world, find a manhole or a door in the wall, and find yourself in a dark warren of sewers or maintenance tunnels. Does the engine of 7DTD permit that kind of thing now? Or are PoI's strictly arranged on a 2D plain?

  14. Since A19 the game is apparently a lot more modular which should open up opportunities for more different types of quests than "fetch", "kill", and "dig".


    Some basic types could be:


    Courier - take an item to a location and drop it there


    Survive - stay at a location and fight off waves


    Assassinate - go kill the leader of an NPC gang of bandits


    Investigate - go to a survivor's outpost to find out why they're not answering the radio (spoiler: they're all dead)


    Climb - travel to a radio tower and climb to the top




    These are all I could think of but they're kind of basic and boring, anyone got any creative ideas? Any side missions from your favorite RPG that sticks in your mind?

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