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  1. I have several of the sunken buildings in my latest Nitrogen map- not a real issue; there are some benefits, however: - you can snipe the sleeping zombies that are outside of the building with ease; - most of the sunken lots you can jump right out of; though I haven't yet encountered the residence with the fence; - others have a light fixture in a corner which makes it easy to climb out; - other locations have a bus or a structure near to the edge- which makes it easy to jump onto to or make a walkway. At this juncture, it's just a question of suspension of belief... and most of all just have fun.
  2. Your graphics card is over-heating. I just shut down my game as I just started to get black marble at 42 celsius. This has cropped up in B19, don't recall having such overheats in B18 and prior. I've had it as high as 57 Celsius. It's playable, but not that fun. I have a Sapphire Nitro + RX 580 with 8gb- generally can run anything. With B19 I can go from a resting 24 degrees to 37-40 plus degrees in nothing flat. Not sure what they've done.
  3. Morggin: what version of Compo-Pack did you use? The reason I ask, is that Compo-Pack 45 was just released for A19 Stable. Thanks.
  4. Having the road connections will lessen the need to build bridges- a *very*, did I say very, tedious process. Both of those look sweet. Just d/l'd the Atrum (that is the lighter colored blue, correct?). Will try that when I finish my new pc build- a new I7-10700... which I'm excited about. So I'll have the horses to handle that 12k. Doing a run on my last Nitrogen 8k right now- having a blast... so I'll stick with that for the time being. Again kudo's on two very nice looking maps.
  5. This is one possibility- I encountered this recently, on a Vanilla map (had this only very recently on an A18 Nitrogen- within the last several weeks only), and found that I can walk through these squares, which led me to believe these are graphic corruptions. I checked my card temps, and I was at 65 degrees celcius. The latest iteration of Radeon was not playing nice with the triple fans on my GPU. No amount of tweaking could counter my cards desire to save energy by not running the fans. I'm all for energy savings, but at what expense? So I downloaded MSI's Afterburner and I'm now running a nice cool card, and no more graphic corruptions. Hope this can be of help. Regards
  6. Thank you Colony Founder: I guess I and my co-op player were indeed lucky. I must agree, I did get attached to this particular run. Haha. I'll start a new run, now. Thanks again.
  7. Just did the update, and come to find that all my perks are zeroed out except for the category headings, which are Level 1. Additionally my Game Stage and Level are now back to Level 1 (I was Level 25 with 1073 kills). I understand the risks of using 'experimental' but never had a game completely trashed before with all the B18 and the prior B19 updates. And one can't roll back sadly. Oh well.
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