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  1. In general I like this patch. It makes sense to expand each epoch of time, stone age, iron, steel. The devs are correct in that finding top rated gear off the bat leaves a poor mid/end game. Yet there are a lot of complaints about the periods dragging on and the feeling of not finding much that is worthwhile, for example, hiding off on safes at the beginning. What about expanding out mods and item sets to add greater diversity for each period? There have already been a couple of ideas on the thread. This could include new mods, and weapons that fit the stone age theme. For example, broken glass and a candle for leather strap that adds bleed dmg. Barbed point for the spear, bow, bone knife that adds a slight speed snare. Blunderbuss could have different variations. Thoughts?
  2. I carry 2 or 3 and rotate between shoots, like a pirate. arrrrr
  3. I agree with this. It's a good direction. A lot of us have been playing this for years and generally just check things out from patch to patch. For a finished game, I would imagine it would be better for people just stepping into the game to have a slower progression. I would love for them to expand items and even have mods that fit different "periods of time". For example, maybe a leather grip mod or barbed blades to spears ect. Armor could also be expanded along with food. There may then be a feeling of variety and getting loot and "good finds" that fit the particular epoch.
  4. Thanks for the input For me, there isn't enough incentive to see much of the map or zone. I had some friends try out the game, but they all asked, what's the point of such a big map? You are right that there are geographic differences, such as shale oil or carbon steel. Yet it could be interesting to have a "social" diversity, that is often reflected in different societies. People have different foods, clothing, ect. I wouldn't want them to go overboard, but several different items might be enough to leave your zone. I would also see no problem wth them showing up at merchants. I agree with the issue of rng. Yeah, it would need to have a better drop rate for sure.
  5. I'd like to also see more purpose for going to different climate zones, travel larger distances and explore the poi. What would you think of regions having unique recipes, for example, maybe the desert has a unique handgun and have a chance to drop at the poi?
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