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  1. Really liking the build. What I find weird is the stone tools in store boxes. Why not put them in the wooden chests? They rarely have stuff in them. you could rename them as "survivor chests" and load them with early game stuff....and it would make sense. I get that "someone" could have previously looted the store and left their tools. It's just weird. not a deal breaker, but I've watched a few streamers and when they first encounter the stone age loot in a store they are always like "what the..."
  2. Got a lvl 2 base ball bat with the fire mod...that thing looks friggin' sweet. cheers!
  3. Night 3 I just turned in a quest. I stashed my dukes in a box for the trader reset on day 4. I was starving to the point of taking damage. On the way home to my base at about 20:00 I spot a fast food joint. I find food, a cooking pot, a grill and nearly my death. Its after 22:00 when I leave to home(not very far) I round a corner and there is a bear looking the other way between 2 houses. I come to a screeching ,yet suddenly crouched, halt and slowly back out around the other side of the house. I made it home but barely. finally cooked some bacon and eggs. Very scary and satisfying...hope this feeling lingers.
  4. From the videos I've watched the "panic" music, or whatever it is, is really annoying. the yellow haired zombie just looks weird, kinda looks playdo colored or something. Overall it looks great, pretty excited based on the performance comments from the streamers I've watched.
  5. OK the upper body animations are pretty dope.
  6. Have to say I am pleased as punch about the bandit images...godspeed you sluggish bandits.
  7. Nah I think you should have to quest into uncomfortable areas to make your comfy confines secure...or relatively more secure.
  8. In the past I referenced some discussion about quests to reduce your gamestage. I think, or feel, that there is a lack of the feeling like you are winning. Why can't there be HARD things to do to "beat them back" ?or reduce the infection? That if you did the Hard things you could have time to make your base sweet, or in MP offer shelter? The constant it just gets harder and faster is stale, to me. Just a thought.
  9. Hey that lighting looks great. I wish you good fortunes in the wars to come.
  10. I've always liked the cut of your jib bro. I guess that's why you do what you do. Cheers!
  11. not for nothin but I liked the OG rep. I also liked to look back at posts I first made about someone water spamming my base on a server, when you could do that. Whatevs I guess. I guess the join date is still there...so yeah I got that goin' for me.
  12. well darn it was like 650 posts I lost...and all that rep
  13. anyone else lose your rep and number of posts? I was a Reconstructionist and now I'm a scavenger with 41 posts? WTF
  14. Ozzysfang 4,979 hrs. played Alpha 6 I think. It was VERY blocky ozzysfang#0285 English
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