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  1. If I move slower when going up hill, why don't I move faster when going down hill?
  2. Glad they made Animal Tracker useful. Never wasted a point on it until now.
  3. @madmole regarding the new Treasure Hunter skill set: How will the loot distribution work for buried treasures? Right now I'd say generally buried treasure quests are useful for early game, but less so for mid and late game. What will justify the investment in this skill set to get to the higher stage? What will we be hoping to find in buried treasure chests on Day 50 or 100? Thanks!
  4. Will the design also include a mechanism to find other traders or is the plan to have this drive exploration? Personally, I like the idea of a trader-locator mechanism (signs, lootable quest papers that lead you there, etc.) as long exploratory runs are kinda of a big time sink when I'd rather be doing all the other important stuff.
  5. I personally think it's turned out great. Points are really valuable now and hard decisions on where to spend them are a good consequence. It's also extremely rewarding to open up the skills menu after a long while to discover you have 3 or 4 points to spend.
  6. Just my opinion, but I think zombie bears should be the jackpot for rotten flesh. I typically get 6 or 7 off of them. Would help with making plots.
  7. Hi MM, what determines rocket launcher quality? Demolitions expert? It's not clear from the description of the perk or the rocket launcher information. Thanks!
  8. Will future A17 updates likely be tweaks and we should expect another significant Alpha (18) update to implement any remaining big changes (like RWG)?
  9. Awesome news. I will continue to slaughter zeds in my current world until the advent of this beautiful update to RWG
  10. Doesn't look like there's any update to RWG system. Is that correct or did I miss something in the notes? Not a complaint; just wondering if I can go ahead and keep playing my 17.1 world.
  11. It's noon on day one, I've eaten twice and drunk my water. I've starving and dehydrated. My stamina is less than 50% and I've barely left the starting area. This doesn't seem well balanced to me.
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