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  1. Is there a way to set up a server where he doesn’t have to be online?
  2. Dang. Any fix for us not being able to join his server without him in it? He’s tried taking down he’s firewall.
  3. Hello I’m looking for some help. I recently joined my buddies server (which we also can’t join unless he’s in it for some reason) and he lost power and I was kicked from the game. After he logged back in and I logged back in I had a new character and had to start from scratch! Is there a way to recover my old saved game?
  4. What do you mean uncheck the controller? For some reason I don’t have that option. See pictures for examples.
  5. Yeah I have been so I just open steam to big picture mode, uncheck the controller, then go back to the 7d2d launcher and launch the game and the controller should work?
  6. I used the launcher and added it to steam as a non steam game but it doesn’t start the game when I click play from steam? Maybe I added it wrong or are there some other setting I need to change so it launches the game from steam?
  7. Thanks for the quick answer! First time playing a mod and it seems awesome!
  8. Is there a way to use a controller through Bluetooth while using this mod? Will putting the modded game onto steam as a non steam game affect anything negatively?
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