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  1. I would love to man my gamer tag is GLocc5000
  2. So I have been playing for 32 days now on 1 game so I do know a lot about the game already but gets boring playing by myself and really wanna start a world on adventurer and mabye have a cool seed to go with the world I do have a mic if anyone is interested add me my gamer tag is GLocc5000
  3. me and my bro been playing it but we always end up starving from hunger we actually finally manged to get a good world and we have a house with a pool with unlimited supply of water so we should be good in the long run but trying to find food is pretty hard
  4. cool man thanks for the information do i just quit out the game or restart the whole console? like every 2 full days do a full shutdown then delete save but not everywhere then launch the game again? or if it does not crash and i catch it in time do i just quit out the game then just delete profile, reserved space then just start the game back up or if it does not crash can i just exit the game then just start it back up again? sorry if i am confusing you just trying to get it right
  5. do you know if it works on local coop tho? someone said the MD5 fix did not work on multiplayer only solo
  6. this should be a better pic Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  7. you got me to buy it man thanks for the MD5 error fix if it ever happens ill try that and here is a screenshot me and my bro are gonna play it now guess u really cant see the image but i bought it
  8. cool i will give it a try i guess, just gonna suck if we build a nice base and have lots of items stored and they all just disapear but like i said ill try it we mite still have somewhat fun as long as the MD5 error doesnt haunt us
  9. yea i dont wanna waste money on it and then me and my bro play it for awhile and then we lose our stuff was really looking forward to playing with him but im guessing ill have to pass and i guess buy dragon quest builders for the nintendo switch even tho its not couch coop rerally just wanted to have fun this weekend with my bro guess if anything we can play minecraft again
  10. sadly i don't have xbox live guess im better off buying Dragon quest builders for my nintendo switch was just wanting a fun minecraft game to play local with my bro or i could try to get a used copy from gamestop and if anything like that happens just return it
  11. i know its on sale right now for $17.99 but idk if its a good buy when i have heard worlds corrupting items missing bases getting deleted it is worth the buy me and my bro really wanna play the game together but idk if its worth it if that stuff still happens
  12. idk if i should right now it is $17.99 for digital hear there is still a lot of bugs and your base and items are deleted is the game still worth to buy or should i pass?
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