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  1. In the end, you can always grab a bottle of that Fergit Elixir (It's spelt somewhat like that in game) and it'll reset your skills and you can reallocate them how you want.
  2. I have a single player save that has no horde nights. I found a nice looking house with a porch that is built all the way around the house. The second floor balcony also circles around the house too. I enjoy the relaxing game play. I turned the difficulty up to max though so I have to still watch out for wandering hordes and special zombies. I normally play on a dedicated server with horde nights though but when I want a chill game session, i'll jump into my single player save.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Do the server owners have access to how fast stuff respawns? Like the cars for example, can they make them respawn on like an hour timer or how does that work?
  4. Hello, I've been a single player for the most part but I would like to try out one of the dedicated servers sometime. My questions are Are horde nights universal meaning everyone gets a horde night at the same time every 7 days? or does the timer start ticking as soon as you join the server If I join a PvE server, will there still be block damage on my base from another player? meaning will I lose my stuff by the time I log back in the next day I tried out a server a few nights ago and couldn't find a single piece of loot anywhere. Is this to be expected from a decent pop server? I had some
  5. I dig for iron which surprisingly I made a hole with a hatch in my house and dug about 30 squares down and hit iron. So I usually spend my nights down there.
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