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  1. Hey K hope you are keeping well. Could I ask if the creature pack zombies with your adjustments mod and your own modelled zombies work with A20. Used them on A19 but I was not sure if still good for A20? Also, if they do still work do they add to the vanilla zombies (ie. increased spawns) or do they replace so the spawning numbers are the same. Thank you
  2. So glad you looking to update this EL as your mod is one of my essentials. Thank you kind sir 💯
  3. This is awesome really hope it works as this is one of my fav mods. Thank you thank you Sent small donation to say appreciate your work and support
  4. I am so stoked about the new wandering horde modlet being available for vanilla. Thank you so much Khaine. Appreciated.
  5. OMG Khzmusik thank you so much for such fast work and trouble you went to. Amazing. I have installed update. FYI in the mod launcher the modlet screen is out of sync as it says for both your new zombies modlet and adjustments to creature pack modlet that updates are available. However, it says I have v1.0.1 installed for both and 1.0.0 is available which is, of course, the older version. May need to make SphereII aware.
  6. Hi Khzmusik, I use your edit modlet for the creature pack and also your new zombie pack. Like both very much. One thing noticed ingame which is probably related to the creature pack (not your edits) is that the zombies do not catch fire. When hit vanilla Z with lit torch for example, it will catch fire usually within 4 hits. For the zombies from creature pack they do not. I appreciate probably their issue to fix not yours but as you know what to do with edits and your own zombie models, would you be able to fix this in any future update?
  7. New user of KingGen as always used Nitrogen in past. One thing I cannot see that could do with Nitrogen was set North and South borders so have snow in north and desert in south. Just how I like my maps. Is there option which I am missing or, if not, will this possibly be included in future version of KingGen?
  8. Why have 2 different perks do same thing? Makes other redundant surely?
  9. Confused by the meticulous packer perk and pack mule perk as they appear to do same thing. Am I misunderstanding?
  10. Oh forgot to say... with your development could you consider adapt the trader item screen so shows options such as cost similar to how you sort player inventory by weight? When purchasing items I have no idea how much they cost until go into item itself. Would help me to identify items can afford from main screen without having to click each individual item.
  11. Hey SQ played couple in game weeks on your overhaul and although still just scratching the surface, wanted to leave some feedback and suggestions for your developing game. Firstly want to say love this overhaul. Have played a few and this is def one of my fav. The interaction with most objects in world is genius and makes much more rewarding gameplay IMO using world objects like desks as barricades rather than vanilla blocks which upgrade. Also inability to nerd pole with blocks again makes you think more about what you are doing when dealing with POI's and making escape plans. As a fan of immersion and harder gameplay I use the no time option so never quite sure when nightfall will hit with increased Z activity as I try make darkness more dangerous. However, time does still show in the map screen so would it be possible to remove that, at least when using no time option? Can see in forum has been mentioned before by others about removing crosshairs and you mentioned you use them to make sure guns more accurate etc. although you may consider as an option. For me, again to make as immersive as possible, I always like to remove crosshairs. Am using currently a modlet with your overhaul called FaHudHC https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1391 which removes crosshairs for all guns, bows, melee and even the stand alone cursor with fists. It works flawlessly with your overhaul and for me is a must have. Would be awesome if you considered including such in your A20. My second must have is Stayclear by Ryuyan. Hate how when you clear POI it still respawns in vanilla. Again from immersion point of view like to clear POI's and use as safe houses. Breaks immersion when Z respawn inside regardless. This mod makes sure nothing in POI respawn once cleared. More realistic and again if this was a feature you could include would be awesome. Another awesome feature is in the Romeo mod by Khaine. You have option to set frequency and number of Z in wandering hordes. I am not a fan of bloodmoon and prefer to have increased spawns generally (particularly at night) and large random hordes. If this was possible feature in your overhaul would IMO make it the best out there. I love your overhaul and am really grateful for your hard work and continued development for the community. I will definitely be making donation as appreciation. Thank you again for making this game so refreshing and replayable.
  12. Got it.... thank you!!
  13. I am sure I am blind but cannot for the life of me find the option to remove red quickmark from the map?
  14. Hey SQ really enjoying your mod. One of the best overhauls I have played. Ability to pick up most objects in worlds is really clever and not being able to nerd pole with blocks from beginning makes you think carefully about how to approach poi's and get safe. One query I have is that I like to make night time really dangerous so generally increase spawn rates in xml. I can see the relevant xml in vanilla data folder and have changed this to increase to every night but most nights am not seeing any zombies outside my base? I can see you also have spawning xml in your UL folder #1 but that only appears to refer to number of Z spawns not delay frequency? Something seems to be blocking me increasing spawns to every night though. Can you offer any guidance?
  15. Hi Stallion so downloaded pack again and replaced exiting files. All seems ok now so no issues. Thank you
  16. For some reason I get red errors after installing game saying prefab does not exist which relate only to the settlement by Mana_Gobarg. These are Cattle yard, Cattle yard 1, Big Zed, Roadhouse and Silos. I have checked prefabs and they are all present and correct in data prefabs folder. Have checked the config text file in Nitrogen and the settlement with all these prefabs is there. Have checked if any spelling errors or obvious error but cannot see any. All other prefabs load no problem but getting persistent red error, prefab not exist, in debug menu. Any ideas?
  17. Sorry my bad.. realise now have to hold E key... duh
  18. so was in poi house but could not pick up any of the chairs either wood or metal. No E option given when hovering over them. Could hit and scrap them with axe but no other interaction? Is this intended as thought could pick up most furniture and certainly chairs?
  19. Sounds great, thank you for all your hard work which is greatly appreciated.
  20. Thank you for your reply. Could I ask for future updates of your mod would you be open to considering an option to remove onscreen cursor (melee and guns) similar to your option to remove health bars above zombies? I like to play as immersive as possible and currently use modlet to remove such.
  21. Hey SQ, first time user of your mod and looking forward to trying it out. Installed and working. Just one query... checking the debug menu F1 i had one red error entry after installing which says..."received invalid county code - cannot select database 'hostip-main'". Is this anything for me to worry about as usually red errors not good thing?
  22. Any feedback on the new AI in latest version as ranged AI not shoot at me in my version 2.27
  23. seems to be weird placing issue with decorations mod. Tried placing metal bar gate (2x2) in several places and each time when right click it places it in different position. Have tried in open area to make sure was no obstruction inside building just in case but places off to side or one block in front/behind where I want it each time?
  24. Awesome mod and thank you for continued updates and improvements. Quick question - assume latest version 2.3 will require new game as using nitrogen RGW and can see you added new POI which obviously will not be in my existing save game.
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