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  1. Any feedback on the new AI in latest version as ranged AI not shoot at me in my version 2.27
  2. seems to be weird placing issue with decorations mod. Tried placing metal bar gate (2x2) in several places and each time when right click it places it in different position. Have tried in open area to make sure was no obstruction inside building just in case but places off to side or one block in front/behind where I want it each time?
  3. Awesome mod and thank you for continued updates and improvements. Quick question - assume latest version 2.3 will require new game as using nitrogen RGW and can see you added new POI which obviously will not be in my existing save game.
  4. Yup using that one... no sign of any spiders yet though?
  5. Hi Guys, currently using Creature pack and Zombie pack... love them. Everything seems work fine but about week into game (level 8 maybe?) and not seen any spiders yet? Are they random placed so maybe not come across their spawn area or do they only appear after my character reaches certain level?
  6. Is it possible to use the sirilllion no crosshairs separate from your mod and if so could you explain how?
  7. any known way to make wasteland mod play nice with this one? clear conflict prevents using both together but not sure what conflict is as wasteland mainly adds weapons and some poi although does add npc's?
  8. Edit: Ok so works fine on vanilla game. I like to use romero mod which also contains spherell core mod. For some reason there is clearly a conflict somewhere using the romero pack with your mod. Shame as really wanted try it in my game.
  9. I assume need to run your mod using nitrogen because of the resources file and nitrogen POI list? Can I just check using it right... copy and paste POI list text files into nitrogen compo pack list equivalent (I'm using latest compo pack 47) and copy prefabs from your resources mod into the resources file in 7d2d main game data prefabs file?
  10. Is it related to the nuka factory part in your description when you say to delete files if using compopack? if so could you clarify which files I delete please?
  11. Hi not sure what problem is but when try start game with latest version of this mod the game refuses to load. In debug menu after message saying "loading localization from mod: Wasteland, I get the following red error... "Index out of range exception: Index outside bounds of the array." I know have installed all POI correctly with nitrogen because without wasteland mod game starts fine and POI are loaded.. just get red errors because game does not know what certain containers are inside POI for example which are located in main mod of course. With wasteland mod game refuses to even get past main menu. So can only assume something in main mod files causing problem?
  12. I'm sorry did not note which ones in particular. I remember one was a tall dude in dungarees i think
  13. how do you repair the vehicles? Or is that a spoiler?
  14. Would I be correct in assuming that the zombies in this pack do not catch fire for some reason? Hit some several times with my lit torch and no fire. Hit vanilla normal zombie couple times and will always catch alight?
  15. Please find screenshots of the trader post plus both traders as requested. Its trader hugh.
  16. HI Guys, I went into a traders post and the trader was duplicated, Ie. there was 2 of him standing in front of me. I am using some mods but dont use any trader mods and am not aware of any of my mods touching traders. I wondered if it may be something in the compo pack i'm using with nitrogen has got duplicated somehow (latest compo 47) although im guessing would only affect buildings? Just trying to narrow down what issue could be. Any help gratefully received
  17. Just wanted to update and say all working great. Appears to have sorted out sleepers once cleared POI. Essential mod for me otherwise respawning sleepers kills immersion. Thank you so much dude !
  18. Getting weird error on the buff infection mod. First noticed when started game red errors flagged up as would not load. When go into buffs.xml file just shows "10800 10800" which is clearly why not work. Figured must have corrupted when downloaded it so tried again. Still same. Weird part is if go to edit the file the whole xml data suddenly appears as it should but when try save the xml or come out of file it goes back to "10800 10800". Any ideas?
  19. Great got it.. File structure looks good. Thanks again. Essential mod for me
  20. Thank you.. i use the 7d2d mod launcher which manages DMT so will place your harmony folder in my mods folder as you suggest. thank you for your much appreciated work
  21. could i check do I just drag the harmony folder into my mods folder within 7d2d like other modlets? Oh and does it need new game or will it work when added to existing save game?
  22. Update: yes does exactly as you explained on the tin... items can craft now visible and brighter. Perfect. Love it... great job!!
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