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  1. Pvp player here and i hate the new loot system , I have tested it out on 4 diff servers from normal to 400% loot bonus First off this takes all the fun out of the game Us pvp players we have lots of server restarts and this makes the grind so bland boring and predictable i do not want to play anymore I miss looting cars at a fresh start and finding that auger on the the first day 1/10 wipes, or even just finding a steel pick its so bleh now i dont even bother looting cars New crackabooks are horrible i get just paper in like 55/60 bookshelves Now lvling is so slow and i do not feel like looting much stuff cause i already know its gonna have trash in it I just really want the treasure hunt feeling to be back and have a reason to loot instead of hiding in a hole This also provides a large advantage for big teams and its horrible for people that do not start when the server wipes I think this new loot system is really going to hurt the player base overtime I know the pvp player base is really small but this is how i feel
  2. Steam name: Zuggy81 Hours played: 1200 Stared on Alpha: A18.3 Discord name: Zuggy#3129 Native language: English I play on PVP NORTH best server on all of 7d i want to help stop cheaters im sick of the xraying, duping, render exploiting Server ip game port 41321 admin Grampa Minion
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