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  1. HAHAHAHA yep, been wearing that damn skirt scine the A19 streamer weekend XD
  2. Hey guys, So been wanting do to this for a while and finally got around to it. different to my normal 7 days vids. My wife and i are trapped in the zombie apocalypse, just getting on with stuff. hope you enjoy it and find it funny. PS, it's NSFW!
  3. i keep chickens, please tell me you are being silly for silliness sake an not implying a chicken has a womb within which to gestate a fetus? 🤣🤣🤣
  4. That's all i need to hear! Keep up the great work
  5. yeah, i am going back through and tweaking things like that and try to optimise it, and keep the sleeper volumes tight so that not too many calls are made at once which would also lag it all to hell.
  6. thanks mate yep, just waiting for the last of the updated Z's to drop and then i can finish off the A19 update to this and i will have it posted up as soon as i am done
  7. Hoping to keep this level of detail throughout . . .
  8. Thank you @Gouki yep, i will be sure to get this up as soon as i can. As far as The Overlook, hang in there am bringing it up to date for Alpha 19 and will add the new download link on the Prefab page of it everything will be fixed and working correctly again
  9. Hey Guys and Girl, things have slowed slightly since the drop of A19 because i am having to redo all Sleeper Volumes for The Overlook Hotel POI as they were removed with the update. However i am still working a LOT of Reactor 4 POI and here are a couple of pics of some progress hope you like so far
  10. yep, always good for a laugh XD https://clips.twitch.tv/SpinelessBlatantRabbitWholeWheat
  11. i just went with the 700ml bottles of Becks for the entire weekend! that seemed to do the trick, but i think there might be (c) issues over that HAHAHAHAH
  12. Okay, quick update. The A19 update has removed all the sleeper volumes from the POI so i shall be updating it will new volumes ASAP so i can aupdate the download file (or add a second one specifically for A19.
  13. yeah, i did use a lot of empty ones BUT i think there are still too many random helpers giving too much. when i update will have to address that.
  14. ikr . . . although i am starting to rethink how many bookcases i put in those hotel rooms overall . . . it's a big job HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  15. awesome, still looks great even back then! with all the new 130+ lovelies coming in 19 just imagine going back and annoying yourself adding updates to it. i know i am going to have that fun with The Overlook! URINALS finally!!! WOOP!
  16. ah, brilliant!! Thank you Laz, will defo look into that. Also, i really hope for the best case scenario that you didn't loose half of you build. been there before and it's so soul destroying.
  17. ah so would this count as a mod? because i always try to keep everything as vanilla as poss as kind of my challenge to myself.
  18. Looks awesome Laz, really beautiful build and yep, i really need to get my head around that for my qbert groundwork too. soooo annoying. any tips will be greatly appreciated
  19. Hey guys and gals, so quick update here. am progressing nicely. the bad news in the basement wont be able to have water in the corridors until the water system in game has been reworked. it just doesn't work atm. still loads more to do. more painting, more details and then onto making it destroyed, then sleeper volumes and DONE! will keep you update. anyway, here are some pics from inside, remember still a WIP but not long left Hope you like the progress so far!
  20. Hi guys and gals, So just a quick pic of my new build since i finished The Overlook Hotel. This is a Nuclear Power station (that will be destroyed when finished, building it clean first so it all makes sense before the devastation) and it's about 75% complete right now. will get some interior shots for you all asap. and i will post the download code here very soon. hope you like.
  21. beautiful work mate.
  22. Thank you Stagga, really glad you enjoywed it ah, that may have been something that slipped by. will have to have a look.
  23. Okay Guys & Gals, So V1. is now complete. all sleeper volumes, loot and Tier 5 quest complete. I will of course be updating this when A19 drops and will update the folder and version number for those of you that want to update your version. (i will post up here when i do that) anyway, i hope all who download it and added to their world enjoy. (i have not set the prefab locations so you can do that depnding on where and what preferences you want for your worlds) DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U-OhUp0VFcCnIHJgSRxLM3Avfm47jjqs?usp=sharing PS, please let me know if that link isn't working for the download.
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