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  1. hahahahah ikr, i have no idea what i pressed as i was in a hurry, but i saw it and was quite mystified XD and thanks, i was hoping they would. love some of the new ones and looking forward to roaming about in them
  2. Does anyone know if all these new beautiful POI's that have been made for A20 (for RWG etc) will also be amended into the Navezgane map?
  3. I'm probably way more excited than i should be for dynamic imposters. i just really hope that makes it into A20
  4. HAHAHAHA yep, been wearing that damn skirt scine the A19 streamer weekend XD
  5. Hey guys, So been wanting do to this for a while and finally got around to it. different to my normal 7 days vids. My wife and i are trapped in the zombie apocalypse, just getting on with stuff. hope you enjoy it and find it funny. PS, it's NSFW!
  6. i keep chickens, please tell me you are being silly for silliness sake an not implying a chicken has a womb within which to gestate a fetus? 🤣🤣🤣
  7. That's all i need to hear! Keep up the great work
  8. yeah, i am going back through and tweaking things like that and try to optimise it, and keep the sleeper volumes tight so that not too many calls are made at once which would also lag it all to hell.
  9. thanks mate yep, just waiting for the last of the updated Z's to drop and then i can finish off the A19 update to this and i will have it posted up as soon as i am done
  10. Hoping to keep this level of detail throughout . . .
  11. Thank you @Gouki yep, i will be sure to get this up as soon as i can. As far as The Overlook, hang in there am bringing it up to date for Alpha 19 and will add the new download link on the Prefab page of it everything will be fixed and working correctly again
  12. Hey Guys and Girl, things have slowed slightly since the drop of A19 because i am having to redo all Sleeper Volumes for The Overlook Hotel POI as they were removed with the update. However i am still working a LOT of Reactor 4 POI and here are a couple of pics of some progress hope you like so far
  13. yep, always good for a laugh XD https://clips.twitch.tv/SpinelessBlatantRabbitWholeWheat
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