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  1. 3 hours ago, Roland said:

    No. Location based difficulty is planned. You will once again have all the best loot available to you from the beginning but it will be very difficult locations. So open a safe from a ruined remnant in the forest biome and you will get an orange primitive bow. Open a safe from a t3 poi in the wasteland and you might get a yellow Compound bow. 

    Play things safe and it will be linear. Go outside the comfort zone and it won’t be. 

    will that be in the stable release or planned for a future alpha? i'd love to strap a dozen blunderbusses to my belt, craft a stack of med bandages and go plundering places way above my league.

  2. i'd like to see the "primitive age" tweaked to either not last as long or give a wider variety of loot before stable release. i'd prefer it be scrapped altogether but that won't happen.


    i'm also guessing the linear loot progression is here to stay, so i'd like to see that be more variable before stable too.


    i'm guessing a large amount of players are going to mod these two things out of their games anyway.


    as far as bugs, they don't bother me much. if i see them i report them, eventually most will get ironed out. you can't iron out intended gameplay mechanics.

  3. i practically trip over chickens and rabbits constantly. if i'm riding my motorcycle around i'm stopping aallll the time to pop them with a pistol. in this alpha i haven't needed to hunt once, i just see critters darting around all the time.


    also i always put a point into master chef so i can make bacon and eggs, it makes your meat last a lot longer. grilled meat fills up i think ten food, bacon and eggs fills up 35, and eggs are easier to find than ever.

  4. 2 hours ago, ElCabong said:

    Yes and no. It's not hard if you find a working workbench, that might take a while. You also need to get a wrench to get the materials you need and sometimes getting both of these might take quite a while.


    I am talking about people new to the game where all this running is boring.



    finding wrenches is easy once you know where to look (sinks)


    i think the harder part is finding a hammer to make a workbench. it's veerrryy rare that i'll find a workbench that isn't destroyed so i don't even bother looking. but i do have to drop a point into miner69er to get a hammer because only stone axes drop early. then i have to drop two points into advanced engineering in order to get the recipe for a workbench. and i only can get a bike early because i know to do these things, new players won't know.


    that said, if you're running that far to do quests before you get a vehicle, that's on you. just take close quests or wait til you have a vehicle.

  5. speaking of circular crafting requirements, this thread is going around in circles.


    OP, there is no catch 22. everyone has explained this several times and you keep bringing it up. play the game the way you want to play it. but no one else has this issue. you made it for yourself.


    why did you make this thread if you're not going to listen to what people are saying?

  6. in the dev diary, i had an interaction with madmole where i said "there's no reason for me to loot in the early game because i'll just upgrade from a Q1 stone axe to a Q2. it's not fun or rewarding."


    his response was "sure it is. better is better." i think they found a slap-dash way to extend the game and now they have to defend it. i don't believe even they think it's good or fun.

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  7. On 7/31/2020 at 3:59 AM, hotpoon said:

    As a woman myself, I would never wear a shirt like Jen's. It would be irritating as hell - I'd want to pull it down constantly. It doesn't really seem like a shirt that a grown @%$*#! woman would wear to be honest. Isn't it usually 11/12 year olds who like to show their bellies off?  I don't know. Maybe it's where I live. 

    Trader Rekt is hilarious though. I love his insults.

    "I treat you that good, and you don't even f*ckin tip me" is my favorite line

  8. 21 hours ago, SenpaiThatIngnoresYou said:

    Maybe they should just have quality affect durability and mod slots, but leave the damage the same values? Otherwise if they want to go the full random route, then go the full random route and have cool descriptions for the items, like crummy items could be "made in china pickaxe" and durable items could be "military grade shovel" and top notch items could be "professional grade" and then add other descriptive modifies like "destructive" for block damage and "sturdy" for durability. Go full looter rpg instead of this half assed approach.  

    if they went the Diablo 2 approach and added affixes to items, i'd probably cream my jeans. it would make looting soooo much more satisfying. the rush of finding an item with the perfect stats in D2 is pretty unbeatable.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Maharin said:

    The post was not about my lack of finding pipes or duct tape, it was about the circular requirements and opening up a discussion as to whether, maybe, that should even be the case anymore (there are certainly other ways of looking at this as well).  But hey, go ahead and take a stab at irrelevant misdirection.  Feel better?

    if you want a non-sarcastic answer, these circular requirements aren't an issue because all of the required materials are easily found if you play the game as intended. yes, you need duct tape and pipes to make a forge, and you need a cooking pot to make glue, which requires a forge. or a kitchen to take it from. i just don't see an actual issue to discuss here.


    more power to you playing how you want to play, but these issues only arise when you play the way you are playing.

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  10. hey guys, i modded out all of the cars and garages in my game and now i can't find any engines. sounds like a catch-22 if you ask me, if you remove cars you can't find engines, if you don't mod cars out then you can find engines. 

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  11. a tip for dealing with tons of early infections: honey has a pretty high chance to drop from tree stumps if you break them. in my most recent game i'm on day 21ish and i have like 20 honey (that rhymes).


    i haven't had THAT much of a problem with vultures... are you playing in the wasteland? cause i play quite a bit in forests and deserts and i can drive between towns 10 times before i encounter even one wild vulture. never seen them stack on each other and rapid attack. although they can catch up to me on a motorcycle which is annoying.

  12. as others have pointed out, this game is as "hardcore" as you want it to be. you can create as much difficulty as you want.


    i remember a thread on GameFaqs or something that complained that MGS5 was too easy. but in that game you have all these magic tools to give yourself a tremendous advantage over your enemies. however, you have the option of dropping in to a mission with no buddy, no camo, no weapons, no equipment, no upgraded anything, and try to do a perfect stealth run fast enough to get an S rank. anyone who complains that that is too easy is trying to show off.


    this game makes it even easier to create a "hardcore" experience by giving you tons of options that affect difficulty. and you can also self-impose all kinds of restrictions. no trader. limit the number of crates and safes you can open. use no light source at night. only use Q1 weapons and tools. the list goes on and on.


    so no, this game does not need to be more "hardcore", we're folk who sit on a chair or a couch and play video games for entertainment. not actual apocalypse survivors.

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  13. the amount of animals is getting a huge nerf in the next patch.


    as far as hunger, you do have to eat a little too often, but i find as long as i'm hitting the right poi's with a lot of cupboards i stay pretty loaded on food. also the new shamway grocery store is much better than the old shamway poi's.

  14. 35 minutes ago, Kirtonos said:

    Brass is certainly the gate keeper to bullet production. Has been for awhile now. It seems so odd to me that I can spend a single day mining coal, nitrate, and lead to be set for weeks in terms of gunpowder and bullet tips/buckshot but I am constantly wrenching cars, air conditioners, radiators, and desk lamps for brass. Then eventually destroying sinks and doors for more brass. Every quest POI I go to, I pre-game by clearing out every area that has the potential to drop brass before kicking the quest off.  Ultimately, I end up putting stacks of dukes in the forge with the excess after buying every brass item and ammo stack that the traders sell because I've harvested every car within 2km radius. 

    So, to hear that radiators give 9 less casings when they are the primary source of brass is a warning sign of an imbalance in resource economy. 

    the radiating heaters in some kinds of houses break down to brass radiators. if you find a house with them, the house usually contains about 6-8 of them. i'm always flush with brass because of this

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  15. 38 minutes ago, madmole said:

    We will have game staged increases in the harder biomes you can go there to get non primitive loot early game but it will be a lot harder.

    this is exactly what would "fix" the primitive stage for me. i'm a huge fan of being rewarded for taking on areas that are higher level than i am, in any game. a mixture of biomes and certain POIs that contain superior loot sounds awesome. would these areas continue being superior, even in very high game stages? could help late game to have much harder areas to take on.

  16. 33 minutes ago, madmole said:

    Sorry but your immersion needs an attitude adjustment. Raiders already raided the military base and left their shoddy clubs behind. When you fight something a little harder you will get some better loot. My point is it is very easy to make a plausible excuse for the primitive loot. Most players enjoy the new primitive stage. It doesn't last that long anyway, I'm on day 3 with an iron pickaxe and a pistol.

    Future versions of the game will allow you to skip the primitive stage most likely. The idea is a loot stage slider so you can extend the primitive stage or speed up how fast the good stuff starts dropping, but this will make the game easier for sure, but that can be compensated for with difficulty settings.


    Sure it is. Better is better. Some of the purple primitive items are arguably better than the next stage up. There is a choice to make which is good for game play as well.

    i'll be waiting for that slider, then. i'm just not down with cranking progression down to 1 overnight, it's really jarring.

  17. 14 minutes ago, Guppys Fur said:

    Fun trumps realism. Its about creating a rewarding progression curve.

    my point is that it's not fun lol. i understand the need for a rewarding progression curve but it also needs to be rewarding to clear POI's. it's the thing you do... in the game lol. if i clear a POI and get to the end with a bunch of shotgun messiah and working stiff crates, why should i even open them before a certain gamestage? to upgrade my level 1 stone axe to a level 2 stone axe? that's not fun or rewarding.

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  18. On 7/12/2020 at 12:17 PM, Tmodloader said:

    What if they tuned down the ammo drops but made it very likely in shotgun messiah crates even at low GS? That would make them feel more gun related at least.

    i'd be down with that, but my main problem is a gunstore should have guns, or at least gun parts. if gun parts were more common and i had to spec into making them, i'd be ok with that too, but as it is looting pois is considerably less useful than before. it sucks.

  19. On 7/12/2020 at 4:55 AM, Marinxar said:

    You start in primitive stage. Yes, some things still need to be tuned, especially traders still have stock of items from higher stages.

    At GS 12 you go over to the next stage, you start getting basic pistols etc

    At GS 52 you hit next stage , and start getting some good loot

    At GS 92 you get access to the entire loot table.

    there shouldn't be a primitive stage at all, as far as loot goes. you make stone tools because you woke up naked in a field. civilized humans use real tools and real weapons. the "primitive" stage makes sense in a game like ARK, where you're literally a neanderthal waking up in the stone age. in a modern setting it's totally immersion shattering to raid a military base and find a stash of b-busses and wooden clubs. and it makes looting a worthless endeavor at early game stages, which is the primary draw for a lot of players, me included.

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  20. day 10, hundreds and hundreds of bullets and a belt of guns... and i'm still finding almost only wooden spears and clubs in Shotgun Messiah crates. i had to buy all my guns because they don't exist in early game. lots and lots of bullets though.


    same with tools. i miraculously found an auger schematic and all the components, but as for actual tools i only find stone axes and shovels. i've found one hammer so far, i had to buy a pickaxe.


    at what gamestage will it actually be fruitful to go looting? cause i've had to either craft or buy every useful piece of gear i have, and it's really annoying to spend 10 minutes clearing shotgun messiah for clubs and spears.


    this is the only real problem i have with A19 so far, but it's kinda bad. raiding POI's is the best part of this game for me.

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