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  1. I'm not sure where I would go to find/augment that. I did not actively change that. Where would I go to change that? EDIT: Figured it out, I have 16gigs installed so I bumped up my virtual RAM to 24 (1.5x my physical) and it is still crapping its shorts, same for automatic allocation.
  2. I have installed four different driver versions today, I can't seem to find one that works. Do you or anyone have a suggestion for what iteration of Nvidia driver I should be trying/using?
  3. Final Edit: I am not paying them to let me fix their game for them. I have spent four days scouring for a solution. I've tried maybe a hundred different remedies, load orders, drivers, and states of Windows. I wiped my entire system today of everything, just for a chance that default settings could remedy the situation for nothing. I am done. All this is now, is a $30 anger simulation where you are the IT department for a "game development" company because they didn't account for a new driver or windows update. This game for me is genuinely unplayable right now with no active signs that they will fix it or help me. Thank you to the community that has attempted to help me quite a few times over the past week-ish. You guys are great, but at some point you should step back and say, "Should a regular customer of a product be forced to understand Unity, programming, and GPU interactions to even have a chance at making the product work, or should the company be responsible for making a product that isn't rendered useless for eternity because I might have left Windows updates on one time?" I know that's harsh, but for anyone picking up the game new (as a lot of people are with COVID), it will simply be a quick return to get their money back because they certainly won't fool around with this game as long as I have to make it work. I'm leaving all of this information up for the sake of they might prove me wrong and need this info to work on the problem, but at this point it might just be wishful thinking. I'm providing the error log ( https://pastebin.com/4H1rmjgY ) and the output log ( https://pastebin.com/urxFCAaG ) . Notably has pipeline errors and shader errors. Also some of the stacks look funky to me from the output log, but I don't know a lot about programming. Other discussion with more "narrative" info: ( https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/1/ ), but the short is I cant get the game to keep running. Crashes after 30sec-5min after every start regardless of quality (usually have pretty good FPS). Locks up the game, rarely produces a crash report either (or at least one where they are supposed to go). There isn't a "trigger" action or movement that causes this either. I have Windows10, GTX 1060 with current drivers, and an i7. Everything has been updated, uninstalled/reinstalled, tried every option instead of DirectX11, tried the 32-bit download (but it keeps pulling errors) and I don't know how I broke her. Can anyone help? This is my second day trudging through this error and it would be much appreciated. I will throw a dollar or two at you on venmo if you can help me fix this. I will be watching this closely and am more than happy to provide more info if needed. Edit 4/16: Additional things were tried- av and overlays is also a good hint. win10 has a built-in overlay too (game bar, can be found and disabled in settings) if memory is fine you can also check integrity of your os files: sfc /scannow DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth None have solved this problem yet
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