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  1. Thanks for your responce, I am playing on PC (have it on ps4 also though. (But I was indeed asking about the pc version). I thought Navezgane was suppose to be the indeed handcrafted map which displays all of the POI's but I wasn't sure in the same post I made in the PC section (yeah I messed up the posts). Someone told me there are a lot of POI's that aren't in the Navezgane map. But when I checked the list he supplied. Most of those look like fillers for random gen. (junkyard lots etc). My focus is on actual dungeon style buildings which I enjoy tbh.
  2. Im a completionist when it comes to gaming. Its rare for me not to finish a base or don't finish a game. Although games like 7d2d are hard to xD Now here is the thing. I'd like to experience every POI at least once especially now that they are dungeon style. So I wonderd. Does Navezgane have every POI atleast once or are there POI's that are random gen only. I saw someone who made a world where very item was put in. Just to check it out (cars trees etc). Are there people who made maps like that? Regards
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