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  1. The GTX 1080 Armor was an upgrade from my last video card, a GTX 680 Lightning. I didn't want to step up through all the video cards so I bought the 1080. I'm still happy with the way it performs. 7D2D isn't the only game I play and I get amazing results (Arma 3 etc) over the old 680. My last upgrade was the SSD which was the final upgrade for this 7 year old MB/CPU combo. When I stop being happy, I'll upgrade the MB/CPU. I've been doing it this way since my first PC (386 DX 33), buy very good components for that tech era and keep it for years. I am aware that voxel games like 7D2D and Emperion are CPU intensive. I am also aware that the AMD CPU falls short on true multi threading. Next CPU will probably be an Intel.
  2. I'm having this problem too. Playing SP with enough resources to play the game. Asus Sabretooth 990fx MB/AMD FX 4170 @ 4.2 GHz/G.SKILL Sniper 16 Gb mem/Geforce Gtx 1080 8Gb/860 EVO 1 Tb SSD. I am still on Win 7 OS. CPU cores run at 6 degrees celcius. I've generated a fresh random map. I am in a new game on day 3 so I'm just walking. I tried the pois command which worked but then I fell through the terrain which hard locked up my system so completely, I could not control/alt/delete to recover. I haven't had that (not being able to recover/task manager) with any other game and I play heavily modded skyrim LE. I didn't have this problem with A18. I have been using the A19 experimental branch when this happens. It makes the game unplayable. Even the trader has phantom blocks. I am running mods on 7D2D but nothing that changes/adds to terrain/pois/textures. Mostly just xml edits.
  3. I'd say you've gotten your monies worth and it is time to move on. That you have so many hours in and are bored with the game supports this. Most AAA games don't offer hundreds or thousands of hours of game play and usually charge up to triple the price for their meager experience.
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