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  1. Not sure why but the 15 slot toolbar is not working. It shows the slots but can't use the last 5. Not running a server just logging into steam single player. I did disable the EAC in the task manager after starting the game. ...NM sorry Did find a bug. If you make something and put it in one of the last 5 slots and place it on the ground it doesn't use up the item so i could make 1 hatch but place 50 of them in the world.
  2. Ok thanks. The most recent one i found on Nexus was Fawkes - Wandering Horde but on the install i am playing you sent me on patreon the mod folder just says Wandering Horde Random. Is that the same thing?
  3. I have a save game question. I have been playing the wandering horde version of DF which is a ton of fun but i have lost my last few DF games to various corruptions so i thought i would be smart and make sure to copy my save folder over to a different location after each session to make sure i don't lose the whole thing. So i make a shortcut to the save game folder for 7daystodie in which my new game has a folder in it and i copy that folder religiously and paste the whole folder in a separate location. Today i am farming notes and xp in the bunker and i get a fieldaccessviolation error that spams my screen in red and i cant get out, restarting doesnt help. So i log out copy my game folder from the backup folder paste it back into the saved game folder to overwrite the corrupted game and instead of going back a few hours i end up with a completely new game on the same map named the same. Any idea what i did wrong?
  4. I downloaded the newest version and installed it in the d7 folder overwriting what was there to start a new game session. Everything seems to be ok i start a game it gets all the way to initializing the game and then this window pops up that says 7d2d Unity with some random numbers and a green progress bar runs really fast then the game just closes out. I looked for that error but the search function on the forums is pretty bad =/ Any thoughts? *update* I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and then the mod files via Khaine's instructions and it worked so I am not sure what was up with the error.
  5. The bunker in the wasteland is not located in a military camp really. If you google you can find pictures of what it looks like but basically it is a poi with 3 or 4 small tents in a row and one large tent in the wasteland. If you break up the tents and dig down you will find a hatch to the bunker. You need keycards to unlock the doors in this bunker. Keycards are drops off scientists and can be farmed in the lab which is found in the burned biome. The lab is accessed via a hatch and ladder in a well beside a burned out building. There are generally only 1 or 2 per map. You can also get laser batteries from in that poi as loot in the tables or off the mobs that spawn there. To make the laser workbench you have to take the supplies needed for it with you to the bunker in the wasteland including the laser tool which can be found in the tier 5 buried supplies quests or sometimes i think the traders may sell them if you have the special loot unlocked. You can also find the tool as loot in the bunker, i usually find a few by looting crates there. You then have to clear almost to the bottom of the bunker and you will find a laser workbench where you can craft your own laser workbench to take home with you :). I hope this helps.
  6. It's still on my mod launcher.
  7. The tool and die set disappeared from half of my advanced forges after the update. I spawned replacements in and they do not work as well as the ones that remained in the advanced forges. Cannot craft bullet casing using brass. Get the error tool and die set required even if in the forge. Also cannot make bullet tips of any type. Also not working in the big forge, can craft in regular forge
  8. since you aren't smelting stone in the forge you really have to consider that in the time frame. That's something you just stuck it in and forgot about it in the past now it's probably calculated in the process. I am sure he will tweak it. Just make a few more forges and don't try to do all of your cement in one forge. I made 5 more advanced forges after the change and put points in quicker crafting and its pretty painless. I would have rather saved the points but whatever.
  9. Use a clay bowl. Not all trees give sap.
  10. Thanks Khaine! I wouldn't be playing 7 days to die without it.
  11. I apologize if this is discussed elsewhere i did a search and didn't find anything. I noticed the tool tip for chili dogs says 30 food but when i eat one i get 30 food and water. Not sure if this intended or an error, just thought i would report it. I can see the logic in something with chili giving both.
  12. Is anyone having problems getting mushrooms to grow? I have tried several different places, underground, in buildings and they do not grow. I guess i will try in dirt but that was never needed before. Did that change and i missed it in the notes?
  13. Is it a bug or intended that a quality 59 augur take 5 repair kits to repair?
  14. Great Mod, can't wait for it to get to the mod launcher!
  15. you have to dig down and around some to find it
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