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  1. in an attempt to make it easier to load in to try and teleport somewhere else before it freezes, i finally thought to turn off mob spawning, that by itself resulted in the game loading up almost perfectly and no freezing. would it be a reasonable interpretation that it is something specifically with a mob or the spawning mechanic itself? also, sylen i apologize, i didn't see your last comment until just now, didnt know to check on the client itself or how i would even do so. minor update, have repeated this. reenabled zombie spawning, and went back to the same area and had it freeze. reloded, freeze. disable spawning and reload fine.
  2. so anyway, i'd still like to continue tracing down the source of the crashes as it is behaving(crashing) the same on multiple rigs with drastically different setups, which would make me think its not just me. Is it a likelyhood that the save file is bad somehow? If so, would there be a way to suss out what exactly about it went wrong?
  3. forgiving the terrible image quality, i had to use the phone since unsurprisingly i couldn't screenshot while it was frozen, but heres running at 780 when it froze (on original rig) log: https://pastebin.com/S43kMjcv 20200413_160924.jpg
  4. i can turn of the dynamic music, though im not really font of joining some random server, the most i ever do is play a private game with 2 other people. if i started a fresh game it might take a while to test, as i didnt start having the crashes happening till maybe day 40+ horde nights but it got progressively worse. I was able to get by previously just rebooting it and retrying repeatedly and it would eventually get further into the night before the freeze.
  5. after trying Beelzy's suggestions and having no errors show up but no changes to the game, i have installed the game and tested on a family member's more robust computer and experienced the exact same issues specs https://pastebin.com/05nbm3YJ log https://pastebin.com/ncZjZFaF
  6. Thank you for the advice, I will look into it.
  7. Im playing on steam and am having issues where during horde night the game becomes completely unresponsive. If I click while it is frozen it will crash, but will otherwise just remain frozen, though the rest of my computer functions occur just fine. when not in a horde night the game functions fine. Previous horde nights have been gotten through with many many restarts and making it a bit further into the night before freezing. Have validated files, told steam to force dx 10, made sure i don't have any mods, and am running on whatever the current steam update is. Sorry if my formatting is off, im not used to posting things like this. computer cpuz report https://pastebin.com/gyBUrThj game log https://pastebin.com/kGNSWMMa
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