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  1. Never really understood the "need" for prone in that whole scenario. I'm 178cm and can very comfortably crouch walk through a 1 meter square space... At 50, I'm certainly not a contortionist. It's the one development decision in 7 Days that I've strongly disagreed and been disappointed with..
  2. Got a debit card when they first came out... for nearly 25 years never had a problem with any one of them. Since those new "safer" chip cards were released, I've been hacked three times. In the last year, I've bought all my gas with cash, and haven't had another problem
  3. This trend is hardly limited to EA game forums, unfortunately...
  4. When repairing military gear, we're using found- not crafted- components on both ends. The leather armor in the game is not boiled, so it's likely about as tough as a leather jacket. Good against teeth, not so much vs knives/arrows/bullets. There may be a point to plate surviving a graze, but that's likely a thing more trouble than it's worth to code. Given the need to prioritize efforts, I'd say that bullet resistance of any kind for PvP would be bottom of the list; however it might be necessary once bandits are introduced and could be part of that effort.
  5. And thank you for that, it's why I (and 24 of my friends) bought the game in the first place Given the types of armor available in the game, that's actually exactly correct. There's a reason soldiers don't run about in leather or plate armor since firearms were invented... And the stuff that is bullet-resistant, well, you're not making that on a basement workbench...
  6. Well, I sorta assumed I had when I changed my avatar to the boxers And pushing for the BBQ. Meat's not properly cooked unless it's been kissed by flame
  7. The only thing I have against panties is the me wearing them part But I can support the idea. Having clean underwear in the face of the zombocalypse can only be a good thing. I have a couple pair in my GOOD bag among other useful things.
  8. OK, I'll bite... but panties just aren't really my thing, personally (It's OK, though, Roland... I don't judge)
  9. Immobilization. The current "wood spikes" type, if used IRL, would actually be better at trapping zombies to be manually dispatched (preferably with some type of pole arm) than for killing them- especially if brain damage is required. They might dismember themselves and/or damage the spikes in their struggles eventually, and a few might be unlucky enough to impale their heads- but most would just get "stuck" Until the number stuck grew great enough to counter the spikes by sheer weight or "bridging", anyway...
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