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  1. Yessir they do. The shotgun turrets did shoot with a block above them though. Will have to pull them back one I suppose. Thanks. will try this
  2. Hello folks. Odd thing going on here. Our turrets are online, we can shoot them if we access the camera, they even sometimes beep and will track zombies or a friend who just un-friend/ally - but they will not shoot. Our shotgun turrets indoors, at about +5 and +9 did shoot a friend who unallied to test but not an enemy player. They all have Attack Strangers/Zombies enabled (glowing). This turret has a concrete block above, below, on 2 sides (its in a corner) and has iron bars around the open 2 sides. So it has shot (friend who unallied).. and has also not shot (real enemy). Our turrets at our windows facing out over the moat will track/beep but won't shoot. Ammo is locked, attack stranger/zombie is enabled (glowing). There is a cement block above/below it. We are at a loss here. Any guidance appreciated.
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