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  1. So the new A19 XML download fixes the Firebird and diamond bird? Oh when the shocker zombie fires his bolts and they hit the ground, purple lumps apear
  2. how can i remove certain zombies from this and just have afew, some of these are not what i want in the server I have... Update, I figured out what I had to do..... however, neither for the phoenix work well, the fire phoenix just look like a big vulture with no special ability and the diamond one just has an electric bolt on its self and does nothing Actually update, they do randomly catch fire or electric and kill them selves...
  3. no xp, heat or height info, its gone, ive gone back to 1.03, no issues with that version
  4. Look in the config files at entities, you can find "maxhealth" and change it yourself
  5. loving this weather stuff, im trying the dark mod now but dont want it pitch black, so just want it a glimmer of light, using the headlights stronger mod so this hopefully will work well with the right balance
  6. how did you do that and is it just client side or can i put that on a dedicated server
  7. yeay, finally working on my server, however the jug chainsaw seems to be coming out of hit foot... plus is it possible to add that they only appear when your game stage/lvl is over a certain number. New people joining my server get @%$*#! with them and its abit much. Plus if the person is reaches a certain lvl say lvl 50 - 55 can a message be sent to them saying something like "Hades is not happy with you, he has sent it demons to get you" or something like that Other than that they are looking great
  8. can the fog be time of day dependent. say foggy 21:00 - 07:00 mostly always but have random days where it will be clear (no fog) I really like the fog and how it makes the game feel, just on the odd day or night I would like it clear plus im testing this on all biomes this morning <Fog min="0" max="5" prob=".9"/> <Fog min="5" max="10" prob=".5"/> <Fog min="10" max="30" prob=".15"/> <Fog min="30" max="40" prob=".2"/> <Fog min="40" max="60" prob=".2"/> <Fog min="60" max="100" prob=".4"/>
  9. tried latest patch on our server, just get red lines loading in
  10. any way that some days it can be sunny and clear (low prob) but crappy foggy days mostly. Im trying to balance it out and have changed the following lines <CloudThickness min="0" max="10" prob=".5"/> <Fog min="0" max="10" prob=".5"/> was 0.05, would this work?
  11. this mode still crashes, loads of red lines and when you try to spawn the wedigo in falls into the ground and game crashes
  12. Had issues with bundle ammo crafting as it didn't recognize I had read the books, so I ended up taking out the "learnable" part of the ammo bundle scrip for .45 and 556, seem to work after that fine without reading anything
  13. ive put the XML version on my server, what is not in the XML thats in the others
  14. Hey, these zombies look great, can we possibly have a "how in to install" please as we are finding this alittle tricky and getting alot of xml errors when loading the server Cheers
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